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What Is The Sign Of Each Member Of The British Royal Family?

The British Royal Family is one of the most famous on the planet and is as much in the public eye as Hollywood stars.

Find out more about them with their zodiac signs!

Queen Elizabeth II: Taurus

That Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday twice a year makes us a little confused about the day she was born and her zodiac sign. The actual birthday is April 21, but Her Majesty publicly celebrates her birthday in June during an event called Trooping the Color. Being a Taurus mean that the Queen is trustworthy and understands the true value of money, which explains the royal family’s surprising habits, such as the reuse of wrapping paper.

Princess Diana: Cancer

If you remember Princess Diana’s inspirational quotes during the difficult times in your life, it could be because her zodiac sign allowed her to always be in touch with people’s emotions. Although some people may say that Princess Diana was in a mood, her emotional traits made her the “princess of the people.”

Prince William: Cancer

The symbol of Cancer is a crab, but Prince William is far from grumpy. I know cancer for its sensitivity and for hiding its emotions, and Prince William revealed that side of him by blocking his feelings after his mother died.

Duchess of Cambridge: Capricorn

Kate Middleton’s personality easily represents all the traits associated with Capricorn. As a land sign and symbolized by a goat, Middleton embodies practicality. She fails to break royal protocols except for a travel rule that she and Prince William always break.

Prince Harry: Virgo

Born at the height of the Virgo season, on September 15, Prince Harry comes with some distinct features from those of the zodiac. The common traits of a Virgin are a healthy, well-organized and practical lifestyle. But we all know that Prince Harry’s life was not always the most organized, especially in his teens when he caused some trouble. His wife, Meghan Markle, seems to be a healthy influence, but the royal family has not made the rules to be violated.

Duchess of Sussex: Leo

Meghan Markle, an American actress known for breaking some royal protocols in her marriage to Prince Harry, is undoubtedly a Leo woman. Like a lioness, the duchess demands attention, but in a charming way. In addition, in an interview with the BBC, Markle seemed extremely loyal to her new husband, just like any woman born under this sign.

Princess Margaret: Leo

Although she did not become queen, the king of animals: Leo represents the zodiac sign of Princess Margaret. Like the fearless lions of the jungle, Princess Margaret had an aura that impressed everyone when she entered a room. Her charming personality always made her presence felt. And let’s not forget her brilliant morning routine, which included breakfast in bed and a one-hour bath.
What Is The Sign Of Each Member Of The British Royal Family?

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