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Scorpio Women: What makes Scorpio Women special?

Anyone with a birthday between October 24th and November 22nd is born under the zodiac sign Scorpio. What does that mean and what does it say about personality? What characteristics are typical of Scorpio born people? We'll tell you what makes Scorpio so special and how it ticks.

Typical characteristics of the zodiac sign Scorpio

Scorpio (Latin Scorpio, astrological symbol ♏) is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Its planets are Pluto and Mars, its element is water.

The typical Scorpio is analytical, persistent, resilient, protective, committed, ambitious, determined, diligent, inquiring, fearless, mysterious, brooding, intelligent, instinctive, powerful, creative, passionate, courageous, mysterious, self-critical, profound, unfathomable, fearless, resilient, strong-willed, tough, determined and reliable.

Weaknesses: Jealous, Cunning, Short-tempered, Uncompromising, Power-hungry, Manipulating, Distrustful, Resentful, Pessimistic, Vengeful, Opinionated, Sarcastic, Ruthless, Opaque, Unforgiving, and Dogged.

Motto: I want to get to the bottom of things! I want intensity! I am involved!

This is why Scorpios are special:

The poisonous sting:

The small animal with the poisonous sting frightens many people and for a long time the human scorpions had to live with certain prejudices against their zodiac sign: They were accused of revengeful and insidiousness. But that is by no means the case for her.

A real individualist:

Scorpios can be headstrong, strong and proud, but they only use their sting when they feel threatened. A Scorpio wants to analyze everything and get to the bottom of life’s mysteries. Hardly anything escapes his X-ray vision.

Such a scorpion is not a comfortable fellow, but a real individualist. He is mercilessly on the trail of the injustices of life and human weaknesses and cleverly uses his intelligence. But what some fear, others see as strength of character and a positive personality.


A Scorpio follows his individual path and is rarely afraid of a real challenge. Yes, he really needs them, only then does he feel really good. The reason for this is Mars, which rules Scorpio alongside Pluto. Mars is the fighting planet and so Scorpio provokes a little controversy to stay in shape and to be able to measure its strength with others.

Unyielding and strict:

You can’t show weakness in a Scorpio, nor should you challenge them, especially when they’re in an aggressive mood, because then they’ll show no mercy. Even if some Scorpio camouflages themselves with good manners, you should never underestimate their unyielding and strict nature.

Adventure VS Romance:

When Scorpio enters the room, there is magic and passion in the air. All or nothing is his life and love motto. With his penetrating gaze, he is able to cast a spell over others. One would like to be seduced by him, since the typical scorpion is considered the guardian of great erotic secrets.

In relationships, Scorpio is a lot more conservative than you might think. There he shows his loyal and comradely side. Unfortunately, he has a very good memory and remembers everything his partner says to him. This does not only include the positive.

Career, Wealth and Success:

It is out of the question for the Scorpio to only do half things – all or nothing, that is his motto. Once he is enthusiastic about a project, he will do everything to bring it to a happy ending. This attitude makes him quite successful.

With a good nose for what isn’t obvious, a Scorpio, for example, would make a good detective. As a psychologist, he is spot on.

Overall, financially, things are going well. However, he tends to spend too much money when he really wants to own something. It is therefore important for him to always keep an eye on all costs.

Traits of a Scorpion woman

When a Scorpio lady tackles something, she does it right. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does – and she expects the same from others. No wonder that not many live up to their high standards. And if something doesn’t go as she would like, the Scorpio woman can use her notorious sting. Especially when it comes to defending your own line, it is not to be trifled with. She can really bite her teeth – sometimes a tad too much.

With her profundity, the Scorpio Lady is otherwise a good advisor. And thanks to her psychological intuition, she also looks behind the facade of her counterpart. To fool her is an impossibility. She doesn’t always make friends, though, because she’s outspoken about what’s on her mind. Not everyone gets along with it the same way.

It can’t be intense enough for a Scorpio lady. Anyone who has conquered her heart can look forward to passionate moments. But alas, you give her reason to be jealous. Then you should be prepared for thunderstorms that you have certainly never experienced before. Your scenes are notorious. But if you are open and fair to her, you will also have a friend with the Scorpio lady who will go through thick and thin with you. You can simply rely on them!

Mastering difficult situations is something she particularly enjoys. Because only here can she optimally demonstrate all her talents. On the other hand, she quickly finds everything that is easy to do boring. She wants to be challenged, which doesn’t always make it easy to deal with her.

Can Scorpio keep a secret?

No other sign of the zodiac holds secrets as well as a Scorpio. He is silent as a grave and will never behave indiscreetly. He may be eloquent, but he prefers to talk about harmless things. Scorpio keeps what is entrusted to him.

After all, he wouldn’t want to be gossiped about either. So he doesn’t do that to other people either. But since he knows that not everyone thinks like that, he prefers to keep his secrets to himself and doesn’t tell anyone.

Scorpio Women: What makes Scorpio Women special?

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