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Sagittarius Women: What makes Sagittarius Women special?

Anyone with a birthday between November 23rd and December 21st is born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius. What does that mean and what does it say about personality? What are the typical characteristics of Sagittarius? We'll tell you what makes the Sagittarius special and what makes him tick.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius (Latin Sagittarius, astrological symbol ♐) is the ninth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is Jupiter and its element is fire.

The typical Sagittarius is active, sincere, enthusiastic, agile, dynamic, direct, honest, energetic, extrovert, fair, fiery, freedom-loving, free-flowing, happy, generous, cheerful, idealistic, inspirational, intelligent, intuitive, life-affirming, curious, open, Optimistic, philosophical, quick-witted, self-confident, carefree, spontaneous, convincing, entertaining, versatile, truthful, far-sighted, open-minded, thirsty for knowledge and determined.

Weaknesses: Pretentious, lecturing, egotistical, stubborn, fanatical, cocky, impostor, excessive, missionary, out of touch with reality, irritable and hypocritical.

Motto: I want to grow! I’m looking for!

This is why Sagittarius are special:

A born optimist:

The lively and independent Sagittarius is the born optimist. He wants to be generous and free, because nothing irritates a Sagittarius more than small-minded people. He needs a touch of the big wide world and also a few adventures.

Freedom-loving and dreamy:

Many things would be easier for him to bear if this urge for freedom and knowledge did not catch up with him again and again. While there are many Sagittarius who do well with the routine of everyday life, they all have something of the buccaneer or outdoors-man about them; this applies equally to women and men.

A Sagittarius needs the spiritual appeal and intellectual challenge, but also enough time to dream. Impulsivity and thoughtfulness at the same time form a unique mixture that defines the typical Sagittarius.

Openness or tactlessness?

Sagittarius is truthful. He’s an outspoken guy who says what’s on his mind, often regardless of the cost. Unfortunately, many a shooter confuses openness with tactlessness. This often conceals the fear of having to make too many compromises, which could potentially cost him his independence.

It is not always easy to teach a Sagittarius that the truth is something very precious and must be handled with care. Because he happens to be so honest, he sometimes carelessly passes on information that he should have kept to himself. His credulity keeps getting him into tricky situations.

Be careful to let your mind wander:

As naive as they sometimes seem, Sagittarius are interested in profound philosophy and wisdom and are determined to let their minds wander.

Some Sagittarius are very religious or interested in the esoteric. But basically, this serves above all to find a form of freedom. And after all, the Sagittarius values ​​nothing more than his personal freedom.

Adventure VS Romance:

Sagittarius loves love because it is an eternal mystery to them. Love relationships are only really beautiful for him if they have something unfulfilling about them. The longing is what matters to him. Nevertheless, Sagittarius needs eroticism, feeling, warmth. He is a fire sign, so fire must blaze. However, he doesn’t like it when things get too mundane. That drives him to flee.

Routine relationships quickly become too close for him. Anyone who patronizes him cannot keep him. Then he packs his bags and takes off. Hardly anyone likes to combine love with travel like Sagittarius. That’s why he often falls in love when he’s far away. Holiday flirts are his great weakness and have already taken many shooters to another country.

Career, Wealth and Success:

The strengths of Sagittarius are above all his irrepressible optimism and his everlasting tolerance. With these qualities, he is in good hands in almost every job that really interests him.

However, it is important for the shooter that he can develop freely. Because if he feels restricted, then he becomes unhappy and is very quickly ready to look for a new job.

Since Sagittarius likes to be generous and has little inclination to frugality – he does not attach much importance to money – he should learn to calculate realistically. Living big only has disadvantages in the long run and not the desired success.

These qualities are of a Sagittarius woman:

A Sagittarius woman is true sunshine. A good mood and a large dose of optimism are her constant companions. This makes life easier for her than for others. She knows better than anyone else how to make the best of the situation. No wonder, since it is ruled by the lucky planet Jupiter. What can possibly go wrong? This also explains the great self-confidence that she displays.

The Sagittarius lady also likes to flirt with her diverse experiences and her big visions. Someone thinks she knows where to go. Even if that is perhaps not the case: Thanks to her constant confidence, Ms. Schütze always finds a way to reach her goal. On the other hand, she doesn’t like pettiness, and this otherwise very tolerant lady sees red.

A Sagittarius lady loves colorful variety. She dreads boredom. Your thirst for adventure is great and you want to be satisfied again and again. There’s one thing this lively lady doesn’t like at all: If you try to dictate to her and restrict her. Her freedom is sacred to her. She doesn’t give up that easily. Quite a few Sagittarius women therefore never marry or only marry very late.

The Sagittarius lady is much more relaxed with money. She seems very generous. The account can slip into the red. But the fun-loving Sagittarius lady is guaranteed not to let this spoil her good mood.

Can Sagittarius keep a secret?

Sagittarius is a champion of truth. He is open and sometimes a bit tactless. Many a family reunion ends in a quarrel because the truth and justice loving Sagittarius could not keep to himself what individual family members had told him in confidence.

This is particularly difficult for him when he feels that someone is unfairly benefiting from secrecy. He will mercilessly uncover secrets that have something offensive or reprehensible about them anyway. Nobody is spared, not even the best friend.

Sagittarius Women: What makes Sagittarius Women special?

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