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Pisces Women: What makes Pisces Women special?

If your birthday is between February 20th and March 20th, your zodiac sign is Pisces. What does that mean and what does it say about personality? What characteristics are typical of Pisces-born? We will tell you what makes the fish special and how it ticks.

Typical characteristics of the zodiac sign Pisces

Pisces (Latin Pisces, astrological symbol ♓) is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Her planet is Neptune and her element is water.

The typical Pisces is charming, empathetic, sensitive, sensitive, cheerful, mysterious, patient, sociable, generous, helpful, devoted, intimate, inspirational, intuitive, mediumistic, compassionate, compassionate, mystical, imaginative, romantic, dazzling, soulful, selfless, sensitive, sentimental, understanding and dreamy.

Weaknesses: Anxious, impressionable, chaotic, undisciplined, indecisive, self-conscious, unstable, unprincipled, sentimental, oversensitive, awkward, elusive, and unreliable.

Motto: I feel connected to everything! I think!

This is why Pisces are special:

Sensitive and vulnerable:

The fish is simply difficult to grasp, anyone who has tried to really understand it can sing a song about it. He only uses the trick of diving down for self-protection, because the typical fish is more sensitive and vulnerable than he would like.

He therefore tries to avoid threatening conflicts. His intuition and inspiration also help him quite well, because he can sense dangers in good time and promising opportunities are not hidden from him.


Pisces can rely on their imagination and, above all, their intuitions, and they are usually spot on with their premonitions. But they never make a show of it, instead of big words they rely on soft tones. Her modesty is well received by others, as is her empathy and big heart for others, especially the weak and those in need.

But that is exactly where her greatest weakness lies, because her good nature is often exploited. If this happens too often, Pisces can sometimes become quite suspicious and hide their real feelings.


Pisces are very sensitive people who know what the other feels and thinks without using big words. Her reluctance to face the naked truth allows her imagination to flourish. They want anything but the consequences of their feelings or actions.

Occasionally they tend to let themselves be carried away, self-discipline just isn’t exactly a Pisces forte. Blame it on Neptune, her planet, which seduces her into not always looking at things in life very realistically.

Adventure VS Romance:

The fish has a very special eroticism. It usually only appears at second glance, but all the more intense for that. Although he is in great demand, he still loves the image of the loner. After all, he knows that there is a risk of being overwhelmed by a strong partner. The typical Pisces raves about power types, but they can only win them over with a lot of instinct.

He sees through tricks quickly. The Pisces is often very mysterious for his partner, because he doesn’t really let himself be looked at in the cards. Even after many years of being in a relationship, his partner often has the feeling that he doesn’t really know him. This serves as self-protection for the fish, because it is sensitive and needs inner freedom.

Career, Wealth and Success:

Artistic activities are particularly good for Pisces, as they are sensitive and imaginative people. The great success is not so important to him, but rather the opportunity to be able to implement your own ideas. That’s why he can well imagine working as a freelancer. This has the advantage that he can determine his own working hours. Otherwise, it is suitable for jobs that require a sure instinct.

Because Pisces is anything but material, they don’t hold onto their money excessively. A big savings book is therefore more of a dream, which he only indulges in anyway when he is really short on cash.

These qualities are of a Pisces woman:

The Pisces lady is very sensitive and therefore easily vulnerable. You should handle them with velvet gloves, otherwise the tears can flow quickly. In men, the delicate Pisces woman quickly awakens the protective instinct. But she seems more helpless than she really is. She knows how to get her way. Just not with loud words, but in a subtle way. She gets others to do what she wants without them noticing. But that doesn’t mean that she’s calculating. No, just very clever.

Pisces can always rely on her gut feeling. She has an unmistakable sense of what is appropriate when and what should be avoided. If she would still learn to live a little more in reality and would not constantly withdraw into her dream worlds, she would be unbeatable. If something doesn’t suit her, she will never say it out loud or even start a fight. Then she just disappears. She also skillfully avoids (necessary) discussions in this way. She’s just elusive.

But she always has an open ear for her loved ones. She suffers when someone is feeling down and tries everything to quickly put a smile back on the faces of a loved one who is in trouble. The imaginative Pisces lady is particularly fond of artistic activities. When she can live out her creative streak, she is happy and forgets about everything else around her.

Can the Pisces keep a secret?

The Pisces itself is a mystery on two legs. Because he often behaves mysteriously and does not always come out with the whole truth. Secrets quickly arise around his person, which others can sometimes misinterpret. The Pisces may also unconsciously forget to pass on important details, but they generally don’t like people who want to squeeze them or see through them with their X-ray vision.

Much in the life of a Pisces never comes to light. That’s what makes working with him so exciting. Sometimes the Pisces even distracts from its own secrets by telling those of other people. However, he will only do that if he feels cornered. Otherwise the fish is discreet.

Pisces Women: What makes Pisces Women special?

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