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Libra Women: What makes Libra Women special?

Anyone with a birthday between September 24th and October 23rd is born under the zodiac sign Libra. What does that mean and what does it say about personality? What characteristics are typical of Libras? We will tell you what makes the scales special and how they tick.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Libra

Libra (Latin Libra, astrological symbol ♎) is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Her planet is Venus and her element is Air.

The typical Libra is graceful, balanced, balancing, charming, diplomatic, you-oriented, honest, peace-loving, cheerful, witty, just, sociable, in need of harmony, polite, intelligent, sociable, cultivated, compassionate, optimistic, imaginative, considerate, sensitive, flattering, sensual, tactful, affable, connectable, mediating, understanding and warm-hearted.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, comfortable, vain, touchy, hypocritical, conflict-averse, tepid, gullible, superficial, over-conforming, indecisive, vague, vulnerable, and fickle.

Motto: Me and you! I balance! I mediate!

This is why Libras are special:

On a diplomatic mission:

Basically, Libras want nothing but peace and harmony. Her charming and diplomatic nature lets Libras play the role of mediator, but she often gets caught between the fronts herself.

Artistic and in need of harmony:

Her ability to bring harmony into everyday life is often expressed in an artistic activity and the shyness of arguments. The beautiful things in life seem to be made for Libra. It is no coincidence that so many Libras are involved with art, fashion and luxury goods.

Friendly and stylish:

Libras don’t have any problems with questions of taste, in fact they take pleasure in bringing a little style and elegance into their everyday lives. The typical Libra is friendly and well-groomed, but hard to please. When she expresses criticism, it is always with a smile on her face.

Venus gives Libra her natural friendliness, which is not always correctly interpreted by other people. That’s why the following applies to all scales: train your elbows and assert yourself more often!

Sense of fairness and justice:

Another Libra trait is their strong sense of fairness and justice. This is also the reason why the Libra takes a lot of time for important decisions. She would like to think everything over calmly and maybe get a few more opinions.

Most of the time this tactic is quite successful, but sometimes it doesn’t get you anywhere and seems very indecisive. It’s not always possible to please everyone.

Diplomatic nature:

The scale does not like to say no harshly, they always include a “maybe” or “possibly” in a rejection. But that can lead to misunderstandings, because not everyone understands such a subtle rejection and Libra often unintentionally stirs up false hopes with their diplomatic nature.

Adventure VS Romance:

Thanks to her enchanting charm, the good-looking and tasteful Libra is popular everywhere. She has a very large circle of acquaintances and always knows what’s hot. Because she is so irresistibly attractive and kind, it is easy to fall in love with her. The typical Libra is regularly swarmed by dozens of admirers. But Libras are aesthetes, and so only those who are impeccably beautiful and well-groomed themselves should strive for them.

The Libra loves above all with their eyes. She likes a cultivated demeanor and sophistication, and people who offer her luxury and interesting conversations. In short, the typical Libra is very demanding, but due to your fascinating charisma, is fortunate enough to be able to choose from a wide range.

Career, Wealth and Success:

Libras always try to find balance, which is why they are particularly good at mediating. Ideal fields of activity for her are therefore those in which she can use her diplomatic skills. Legal professions suit her just as well, as she has a strong sense of justice.

In addition, the Libra is an aesthete and likes to work in a team. The fashion industry would thus be a field of activity in which they could combine both.

Since she likes to spend her money on beautiful things, she wants to earn a correspondingly good amount of money. Otherwise, she simply opens up other sources of income with her clever mind.

Traits of a Libra woman:

Even after a long day at work, female Libras look as dewy as they did in the morning. It’s a mystery to the rest of the women’s world how they manage it. Well, the fashion and cosmetics industry has its most interested customers among the Libra ladies. Because hardly any other woman is as vain as the Libra lady. She always wants to be stylish and knows how to show her best side.

Elegance is her trademark. And she also expects that from her prince charming. If he shows up in baggy jeans for the first date, he’s already lost. Appearance isn’t everything for her, but the first impression is crucial. A shortcoming, however, is the indecisiveness of female Libras, who so often cannot bring themselves to do the simplest things. A little more spontaneity would be good and brings the realization: The world doesn’t end if you take risks. She’s just afraid of offending someone. That’s why the Libra woman prefers not to commit herself in the first place.

In any case, their need for harmony is incredibly great. She can take anything but the feeling that someone is mad at her. She avoids an argument. She prefers to give in, even though she is right. Beware, this could be exploited! Her strong interest in art and culture is also striking. If you want to win her heart, an invitation to the opera is definitely the right thing to do.

Can Libra keep a secret?

The scale is an indispensable part of any party and is always the center of attention. Of course she picks up on a lot. She doesn’t always keep it all to herself. Libras will come up with one or two indiscretions and whisper to their interlocutor: “Have you heard? The Meyers have to sell their house now!”

But she never means it badly, just wants to share her knowledge with others. But she doesn’t start any rumors herself, she just passes on what she’s heard.

Libra Women: What makes Libra Women special?

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