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Taurus Women: What makes Taurus Women special?

Anyone with a birthday between April 21 and May 20 is born under the zodiac sign Taurus. What does that mean and what does it say about personality? What characteristics are typical of Taurus people? We will tell you what defines the bull and what makes it tick.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Taurus

Taurus (Latin Taurus, astrological symbol ♉) is the second sign of the zodiac. His planet is Venus and his element is Earth.

The typical Taurus is receptive, persistent, balanced, cautious, level-headed, protective, consistent, down-to-earth, patient, relaxed, comfortable, frugal, enjoyable, conscientious, magnanimous, thorough, creative, loyal, close to nature, practical, realistic, calm, factual, Confident, sensitive, security oriented, sensual, solid, loyal, warm, careful, content and reliable.

Weaknesses: Lazy, possessive, opinionated, jealous, narrow-minded, stingy, intolerant, conservative, materialistic, distrustful, envious, passive, pedantic, stubborn and sluggish.

Motto: I have!

That’s how Taurus people tick


Taurus is very natural and solid and, being ruled by Venus, also very sensual and particularly fond of all the beautiful things in life. And as a Taurus, he has taste. Not only his tongue is fine, his sense of colors and shapes is also particularly strong.

Energetic yet patient:

A Taurus does not shy away from working out their goals. He approaches the things he believes in powerfully. With his famous golden nose, he smells money wherever it is found and makes it his own.

Patience is his strength, as is his ability to keep calm even in tricky situations, which, however, can sometimes degenerate into stubbornness. He just takes his time and wants to find his own natural rhythm.

Great willpower:

Quality is the keyword! Solid, reliable values ​​fascinate Taurus, because they also have them to offer. Strength and a firm will characterize him. Nervous and impatient people prefer to flee as soon as they have to deal with him. Venus gives Taurus an idiosyncratic character and also great strength for all things creative.

Solid as a rock:

A real bull always sticks to what he sees and can understand. Dreams are just foam for him, what counts is reality. Some people tear their hair out over his realistic and prosaic nature.

But that is precisely why a bull is also the rock in the surf for many people, on which one can orient oneself. Taurus strive for security and possessions in their lives and also like to cultivate them. What they once call their own, they don’t give up so easily.

Very close to nature:

Many bulls are very close to nature and need a detour to rural areas at regular intervals to relax. If they don’t already live in the country, they at least dream of a little house in the countryside or a small garden on the balcony. Many a Taurus has a knack for plants that they lovingly care for.

Adventure VS Romance:

The enamored Taurus does not beat about the bush, but gets straight to the point. When someone arouses his interest, he sends out clear signals. An attractive partner who enjoys pleasure is his dream. However, if you are looking for someone to discuss, you have come to the wrong place. The bull stands up for his sweetheart and his family, is loyal and hardworking, loves good food and even more good sex.

He prefers to avoid quarrels. That’s why he throws nervous and dissatisfied characters out the door. He values ​​a comfortable home and a sexy companion who can have a little more on his ribs. After all, the sensual Taurus needs something to touch.

Career, Wealth and Success:

As a born gourmet, Taurus is predestined for all professions that are related to the subject of food and enjoyment: such as restaurateur, hotel manager or nutritionist. Since he has a great sense of nature and is more down-to-earth than other zodiac signs, he is also enthusiastic about gardening activities.

The Taurus manages his money very well and appreciates what he has very much. He is rarely short of cash and can always treat himself to something small out of the ordinary. In addition, Taurus strives to achieve a certain level of prosperity over the course of their lives.

These qualities are of a Taurus woman:

Taurus women know better than anyone else how to enjoy life. Culinary delicacies are of course part of it. That is why there are many passionate cooks among them who do not shy away from high-calorie cake recipes. You will hardly find skinny models among the Taurus women, they just like to eat. And that suits them well, because Venus, the goddess of beauty, rules over this sign and thus gives Taurus women great charisma and a lot of sensuality.

Speaking of which: Love and sexuality are very popular with Taurus women. They get involved with their partner wholeheartedly and enjoy togetherness like no other sign. However, they can only do that if they know exactly where they stand with their loved one. Unexplained situations or unresolved issues quickly upset her. These habit-loving ladies don’t appreciate changes either. They prefer it when they always know exactly what to expect.

The Taurus lady is happy to give up her job in favor of the family. She finds emancipation rather daunting. She can also find fulfillment as a housewife and mother. The classic role pattern is entirely to her liking: she spoils her loved ones at home and her husband brings the money home. And preferably not too little, because Taurus women are a bit materialistic and appreciate a big bank account, an expensive car and a luxurious home very much.

Can Taurus keep a secret?

If Taurus is specifically asked to keep a secret, they will keep it. He’s a down-to-earth guy and appreciates his calm, so he doesn’t want to get involved in hunts or gossip about anyone anyway. Taurus doesn’t like it when others are pilloried and pointed at. If something isn’t meant for the public, then there’s a reason for that.

He himself rarely confides secrets to others. He either talks openly about what’s bothering him, or he keeps it all to himself. He prefers not to be entrusted with any secrets either, because he doesn’t even want to hear anything that isn’t intended for his ears.

Taurus Women: What makes Taurus Women special?

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