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Leo Women: What makes Leo Women special?

Anyone with a birthday between July 23 and August 23 is born under the sign of Leo. What does that mean and what does it say about personality? What characteristics are typical of Leo people? We'll tell you what makes the lion special and what makes it tick.

The characteristics of the zodiac sign Leo:

The lion (Latin Leo, astrological symbol ♌) is the fifth sign of the zodiac. His planet is the sun and his element is fire.

The typical Leo is enthusiastic, persistent, protective, charming, dynamic, energetic, determined, extroverted, fiery, strong leader, just, magnanimous, generous, warm, powerful, creative, full of life, passionate, kind, courageous, natural, open, optimistic, Risk-taking, creative, independent, confident, proud, energetic, loyal, fearless, playful, competitive, strong-willed and dignified.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, dominant, headstrong, coquettish, cocky, domineering, intolerant, self-important, stubborn, overbearing, unpredictable, wasteful and hurtful.

Motto: I am! I will! I am the center of my universe!

This is why Leo are special:

Limelight, applause and admiration

The limelight irresistibly attracts the Leo. A Leo craves applause and admiration. With a proud attitude and unshakable self-confidence, the lion wants to conquer its own kingdom. Of course, he knows exactly how to best use his bright smile and attraction.

His sunny nature makes him popular and the focus of many a society. He attaches great importance to status symbols and luxury, because he likes to underline his bright image with glamour and wants to impress his fellow human beings.

Generous and lover of justice

If he gets his vanity under control and concentrates on the essentials, he can achieve great things. It is not for nothing that the proud lion, which has always been a symbol of courage, strength and superiority, adorns so many coats of arms of large families. The typical Leo will always try to get to the top.

But that doesn’t make him unpopular with others, because he usually proceeds with a lot of generosity and has a strong sense of justice. However, he has to be careful not to get a little arrogant from time to time.

He is happy to take responsibility

The lion also copes well with the gray everyday life. He is only too happy to take on responsibility and grow with it. He would only like to take on tasks that correspond to his ideas and requirements. If that’s not possible, the king of beasts likes to buck.

Brave and fearless in dangerous situations

The lion is ruled by the sun and like the sun he radiates and spreads a certain warmth around him. Generous and as a protector of the weak, he always has to be careful not to be exploited.

As comfortable as he sometimes likes to make himself comfortable, he is courageous and fearless in putting himself into dangerous situations when fighting oppression and meanness. Then he forgets his royal detachment and lets the others feel his claws until his sovereignty is restored.

Adventure VS Romance:

The lion is proud and impressive. You either fall in love with him immediately or you don’t. But it’s not only because of his appearance, but also because of his inner strength that others lie at his feet in droves. Beside a lion you always feel like the hero from a movie. He ensures that love with him becomes something unique.

Anyone who is loved by him can actually have everything from him, because the lion is generous and has a heart of gold. However, it is advisable to be a little scarce with him from time to time, otherwise he will be overconfident and that takes all the tension out of him. After all, the lion is a hunter and wants to fight for his love. Because of this trait, it can get a bit tiring with him at times.

Career, Wealth and Success:

The lion strives for self-expression – he wants to fully develop the creative potential that lies within him. Because otherwise he quickly feels uncomfortable. That is why he is particularly interested in activities that allow him to express himself. He feels right at home on stage, in a studio or in the television studio.

The Leo is only satisfied with an office job in the long run if he is the boss or receives as few instructions as possible. He’s very reluctant to follow the rules. He also loves luxury and often shows his generous side. Money tip: Leos should be careful not to live beyond their means!

Traits of a Leo woman:

One thing should always be clear when dealing with a lioness: she is in charge. After all, the lion is the ruler of the zodiac. And this dominant lady lets her subordinates feel that too. But they will not regret having placed themselves in their care. Because if you accept her claim to leadership, she quickly retracts her claws and shows her big heart. She takes care of her loved ones and takes everyone by storm with her charming manner.

At every party, the Leo lady is the radiant center around which everything revolves. She really enjoys that, because she is only in her element when she is surrounded by admirers. But it can take a while before she has found the proverbial right person. This lady proves namely exquisite taste and is extremely demanding. For them, only the best is good enough. You score points with her with a worldly demeanor and expensive gifts make her eyes shine. She just likes it luxurious and knows like no other how to enjoy life. And that can get more expensive.

Saving is not her thing, she prefers to spend the money with both hands. After all, there are so many beautiful things, and the lioness would love to have them all. Your lover should therefore have a big bank account in order to be able to fulfill all your wishes. For this he will be richly rewarded. Because the Leo lady knows how to seduce a man and lives out her passionate side to the full. That can get hot!

Can the Leo keep a secret?

It is very difficult for a Leo to keep secrets. He’s just too open and talkative for that. But he is often entrusted with a lot. He seems so confident in many areas that others often ask him for advice if they don’t know what to do with something. The lion also never reveals secrets out of bad faith, but because he wants to help someone with them.

If you don’t want a secret to get out, you should specifically ask him to keep it to himself. Because he doesn’t always understand why something has to remain absolutely secret. What is taboo for others, the lion sometimes doesn’t find it so bad. After all, he is very generous and also understands the weaknesses of his fellow human beings.

Leo Women: What makes Leo Women special?

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