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Gemini Women: What makes Gemini Women special?

Anyone with a birthday between May 21st and June 21st is born under the zodiac sign Gemini. What does that mean and what does it say about personality? What characteristics are typical of Gemini born? We'll tell you what makes Geminis special and what makes them tick.

Typical characteristics of the zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini (Latin Gemini, astrological symbol ♊) is the third sign of the Zodiac. Her planet is Mercury and her element is Air.

The typical Gemini is adaptable, busy, agile, charming, flexible, happy, friendly, sociable, cheerful, always on the go, intelligent, youthful, communicative, sociable, creative, lively, curious, objective, open, factual, fast, tolerant, convincing , versatile, unprejudiced, agile and inquisitive.

Weaknesses: Suggestible, aloof, flighty, flippant, jittery, superficial, restless, smug, prone to stress, dishonest, impatient, unreliable, rambling, and absent-minded.

Motto: I think! I know! I communicate!

That’s how twins tick

Dual Faces:

The typical Gemini needs variety and exercise like others need air to breathe. He loves the hype, only then is he in his element. Making contacts is his great strength, but it is questionable whether he can always maintain them. Because what seems charmingly non-binding to one person may be simply superficial to another.

Even if Geminis sometimes talk like a book and seem open, they still keep their second sight to themselves. Trying to judge a Gemini is difficult because sometimes he doesn’t know himself what he’s going to do in the next moment. He plays with a thousand possibilities and loves to taste a little of everything.

Active and charming:

Anything that takes a long time bores him. So the Gemini changes his beliefs, his theories and maybe his job more often. The new fascinates him, he wants to be informed and up to date. A Gemini is never clumsy, but mostly cheerful and agile.

Having to sit still is the greatest punishment for him. Geminis have quick minds, agile bodies, and a dazzling charm that helps those around them forget their annoying little blunders. In addition, they are not at a loss for excuses and yet heart-refreshingly honest in their own way.


A Gemini has that particular versatility and restlessness that makes some simpler minds uncomfortable. He usually acts faster than others and can easily do several things at once. One twin has been active for a long time while the others are still reading the manual. His alert mind constantly needs new nourishment.

Fond of travelling:

For this reason, many Gemini love to travel, and they usually travel a lot for work, because walking from place to place invigorates them. So they go through their lives with verve, starting many things but only completing a few. Her purpose is found more in the role of mediator, the messenger who moves between the worlds and delivers information.

Adventure VS Romance:

Nobody deals with love as easily and airily as Gemini. He easily finds the right words to make the object of his desire happy and in love with him. He flirts like a champ without seriously thinking about a steady relationship. A single twin has a long list of phone contacts. He can be very creative when it comes to not letting one treasure notice the other.

But just such gimmicks can be his undoing. The Gemini may only be looking for erotic adventures, while their lovers would prefer to head for the port of marriage. Special caution is therefore required here. The typical Gemini will only bond if you give them a long leash.

Career, Wealth and Success:

A Gemini is very receptive to every new idea, because he is a head person. This comes into play in professional projects that require his intellect and understanding. He collects bonus points with innovative ideas.

In addition, the twin is always flexible enough to be able to rearrange quickly if necessary. However, they often want to do too much at once and then get bogged down – so before a Gemini gets started with a project, thorough planning is the be-all and end-all!

Financially, the following applies: No matter what account balance is currently displayed, it always manages to make ends meet.

These are the qualities of a Gemini woman:

Gemini women love to chat for hours with loved ones about everything and everything. They literally talk like a book, which can sometimes really get on the alarm clock of rather quiet contemporaries. Anyone who has a Gemini girlfriend should definitely not be able to avoid hours of continuous phone calls. But you also get the latest news from her circle of friends and from all over the world. Her curiosity also helps the Gemini woman professionally, as she never tires of continuing her education and learning new things. Someone could learn a lesson from her!

In her free time, too, this lively lady attaches great importance to gaining new experiences. Of course, the best way to do this is to travel. If a Gemini friend is away from home for a few days, don’t worry. Then she probably spontaneously decided, as is her way, to take a short trip to the sunny south. In the process, she meets some nice people. But whether these acquaintances last long is rather questionable.

Geminis are pretty flighty beings. They lack a bit of emotional depth. No matter how open it may seem, only very few actually know what is really going on inside it. With all others, the Gemini lady leaves it at rather superficial contacts. You shouldn’t necessarily expect her to keep a promise. Because something can easily come up so that she completely forgets about it in the hurry.

Can Gemini keep a secret?

The Gemini almost absorbs news and information, after all he is curious by nature. Trusting him with a secret can be described as grossly negligent. He quickly grabs his cell phone and starts talking about it all, especially when it’s something he knows the others are really interested in.

It’s not for nothing that so many twins are employed in the media. The Gemini likes to see itself as an information center and always has a little scandal in store. If there is nothing to tell, then he also starts a rumor himself.

Gemini Women: What makes Gemini Women special?

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