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Aries Women: What makes Aries Women special?

Anyone with a birthday between March 21st and April 20th is born under the zodiac sign Aries. What does that mean and what does it say about personality? What traits are typical of Aries-born? We'll tell you what makes the ram special and what makes it tick.

Typical traits of the Aries zodiac sign

Aries (Latin Aries, astrological symbol ♈) is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mars. His element is fire.

The typical Aries is adventurous, persistent, enthusiastic, resilient, determined, direct, assertive, dynamic, honest, ambitious, energetic, extroverted, outspoken, cheerful, idealistic, inspiring, combative, passionate, brave, open, sharp-witted, quick, independent, Self-confident, self-assured, spontaneous, active, independent, tireless, uncomplicated, enterprising, visionary, strong-willed, goal-oriented and hands-on.

Weaknesses: Aggressive, short-tempered, reckless, selfish, impulsive, short-tempered, ruthless, boisterous, argumentative, unpredictable, impatient, messy, restless.

Motto: I do! I am! Here! Now! I will!

This is why Aries are special:

Success is the motto:

At the beginning of spring, the people we associate with the zodiac sign Aries are born. This point in time corresponds to the natural beginning of the year. Just as nature renews itself and naturally smoothes its way, so too does Aries progress.

The whole simple and carefree liveliness of nature, which knows no enigmatic questions, vibrates in this person. Forward is the motto, always with a new beginning in mind. In every Aries there is this belief in his strength, this sometimes almost childlike nature.

Open and honest:

The Aries is full of energy and courage, full of fiery impulses. So it’s no wonder that his success lies in the fact that he acts faster than others, but unfortunately sometimes a little rashly. Complicated contexts are not his thing, he would like to grasp something quickly and ideally take action immediately.

Ruled by the battle planet Mars, he doesn’t shy away from arguments, sometimes he actually seeks them out in order to be able to measure his strength against others. The typical Aries is not a diplomat, he is looking for an open and honest word. He rarely holds back his opinion for long.

Some people particularly value him because you always know where you stand with him. Others, however, prefer to take cover when he makes comments that are spot on but sometimes hurtful.

Aries loves danger:

Aries love the feeling of having their finger on the pulse and influencing what is happening directly. They go to their destination without any major detours. They love danger, risk, quick decisions.

Her actions are a mixture of attack and fresh impulse. Certainly there are also lamb-pious representatives of this sign of the zodiac, but these are more the exception or the lost sheep.

Lots of human warmth:

Being born in a fire sign, Aries also has a lot of human warmth in them. Even if you can hardly believe it sometimes, there are very caring Aries with a lot of heart. The rough charm is simply part of it. But behind the rough shell hides a soft core.

Adventure VS Romance:

The dynamic Aries tackles love with vivacious and fiery spirit. He is easily flammable, throws himself into a new relationship with great enthusiasm and quickly thinks about a future together. When he falls in love, he finds it difficult to wait. He prefers to go all out immediately and convince his sweetheart of his qualities.

Since he is very impatient and hot-blooded, he quickly loses interest if you let him fidget for a long time. Fortunately, this rarely happens to him, because the erotic planet of Mars makes him extremely attractive. The Aries scores above all with his open smile, his athleticism and his energetic, hands-on manner.

Career, Wealth and Success:

Rest is a foreign word for the Aries. Rather, he is constantly in action and always busy with a project that he wants to advance. For that reason alone he strives to be successful. Thanks to his speed and his chronic confidence, success comes often enough.

The Aries also shines with their spontaneity: While others ponder for a long time, they have long been in the process of implementing their ideas. Occupations in which this ability is required are therefore particularly suited to him.

However, a very large sum is rarely found in his account. Because he loves to spend his well-earned money.

These are the qualities of a  Aries woman

Aries women are in no way inferior to their male zodiac colleagues. They like to fight for their life and love to assert themselves. No wonder, after all they are ruled by the power planet Mars. And it delivers a big plus in energy and a lot of self-confidence. An Aries lady knows exactly what she is capable of and certainly does not undersell herself.

Cautious men will, however, prefer to keep their hands off such an active woman, because it is sometimes not that easy to survive alongside her. As powerful and pointed-tongued as this tough lady comes along, some people can get scared. The Aries lady certainly doesn’t need anyone to protect her. The woman is herself – that is her motto. And she copes with the hardships of life quite well on her own.

There’s one thing this lady can’t stand: if you try to patronize her. She doesn’t like to submit. She’s the boss and nobody else. If you do her this favor, you get along great with her. The Aries woman does everything for her loved ones and she is always there for good friends when they need an open ear for their worries and needs. Then she drops everything to rush to help.

Incidentally, Aries women are also sporty, and you can often find them in the gym, where they let off steam and burn off excess energy. You can see that in her body. It’s immaculate and in great shape.

Can Aries keep a secret?

Fiery and direct, as Aries is, he actually thinks secrets are superfluous. Because why should something remain hidden? It’s much better if you talk about it openly anyway, especially if it’s important. Aries doesn’t like it when people push around, make a big deal out of trifles, or even pretend they know something they don’t have to know.

He quickly feels as if he is being made a fool of and that is why he does not see the fact that he is the bearer of a secret. Information should be shared, especially if it helps to add momentum to an issue.

Aries Women: What makes Aries Women special?

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