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How to identify an Aquarius Child?

What does the zodiac sign Aquarius say about your child's character? In this article, you will learn what typical characteristics an Aquarius child has, how they learn and what parents should consider.

How to recognize an Aquarius child

Little Aquarians are ahead of their time. Even at birth, parents should be prepared for the fact that these children show an incredible pace and seem to simply skip entire stages of development. Even Aquarius babies are not particularly clingy. They also do not attach great importance to a regular daily routine. Instead, they see the world with wide awake eyes and learn to crawl at high speed in order to discover new territory on their own. Parents should better put the turbo gear in early so that they don’t lose sight of their offspring. They’ll probably get really out of breath. Raising Aquarius children can be exhausting and difficult, but also very exciting and exciting.

Mini Aquarians don’t let mom feed them for long either. They quickly get bored with that. You can hold the spoon in your hand in good time and will immediately try out what else you can do with it. The lively little restless spirits seem to be constantly energized and tend to get nervous. Since they perceive atmospheric tensions exceptionally strongly and react to them immediately, they can quickly become overstimulated. Therefore, they need a lot of peace and harmony in their environment. It’s important that they get enough sleep and regular rest to really unwind. Even if they are not cuddly children, they need a lot of love and attention.

Born under the sign of the planet Uranus

Uranus has a strangely “crazy” special position in the solar system because it is the only known planet that rotates sideways. Even little Aquarians are different from other children. They think they are special because they are original, inventive, creative and idiosyncratic. They can also be a bit eccentric and even tactless at times because they don’t want to conform at all costs. They question rules and regulations and initially see no sense in conventions and traditions. Instead of looking to the past, they look to the future.

With their crazy ideas and wit, Aquarius children can amuse and amaze those around them. They are bursting with ideas and, thanks to their strong intuition, can grasp situations at lightning speed. The little quick thinkers vibrate with mental energy. They are also full of opposites and are somewhat unpredictable. They can be calm and docile one moment, only to be completely over the moon and breaking boundaries the next. For their development they need a lot of personal space and a feeling of freedom.

The typical behavior of Aquarius children

Little Aquarians are optimistic, lively, carefree, always looking for a change and don’t like to commit themselves. Sometimes they also tend to be superficial, which earns them the reputation of being airbags. They need a lot of stimulation and are always mentally on the move. If they’re staring into space instead of finally cleaning up their room, they’re probably thinking about more important things. Maybe they dream of flying to the moon and using their knowledge to improve the world. Because they are adventurous and lovable idealists. On the other hand, carrying out any practical tasks and duties quickly bores them. They have little sense for the banalities of everyday life. Any form of philistinism is anathema to them.

Although they are head people and tend to be distant when it comes to feelings, they need lots of playmates and friends they have a big heart for. They are looking for comrades and like-minded people with whom they can exchange ideas and have fun. They don’t let themselves be impressed by any prejudices or appearances. Due to their sociability and openness, they make new acquaintances almost every day, ranging from the garbage man to the son of the wealthiest businessman in town. They often get involved in groups and clubs early on. In the right team, they thrive and quickly become popular despite their idiosyncratic nature.

Hobbies and interests:

Fascinated by toys that encourage creativity and ingenuity, mini Aquarians have a penchant for all things offbeat and whimsical. Trendy handicraft or painting sets in neon colors, fluorescent modeling clay, a squish cube or an experiment kit turn the children’s room into a playground. They also have a lot of fun at children’s theater. At home they play the fool or joker and dress up as a colorful clown. They often come up with their own games when they feel like a change.

So parents shouldn’t be surprised if their offspring becomes Mr. Spock and the children’s room becomes the Star Trek universe. Little Aquarians like to take off and are prone to fantasies. She is fascinated by every form of science fiction story. They also like to observe celestial events through a telescope. Since they are not only interested in space but also in aviation, parents can treat them to a trip to the airport or to an aviation museum.

Since Aquarius children are very curious and want to quench their thirst for research and knowledge, they also have a soft spot for technical, electrical and electronic toys. Equipped with a learning computer, they will soon become little IT specialists. Of course, a smartphone is also at the top of her wish list. They also like to pass the time with language or knowledge games, relevant specialist books and toys that offer various possible combinations.

School and Career:

With their alert and logical minds, Aquarius children find learning easy. However, they tend to make careless mistakes. Because they often lack the ability to concentrate and perseverance. In addition, sometimes they are not serious enough. They like to play pranks on the teachers, but this tends to endear themselves to their classmates.

They learn best in a playful way and in their own way. Dry subject matter is too dull for them and they lack the patience to learn. Then they prefer to think about something more exciting. Admonitions make little sense. On the other hand, they are motivated by group work. Her pronounced team spirit awakens her ambition and can spur her on to top performance.

Because of their wide range of interests, Aquarius children choose a career late. They are the typical career changers who change majors or try different professions, and have a penchant for unusual professions from oceanography to anthropology.

All professional areas in which trends play a major role, such as fashion or web designers, influencers, futurologists, inventors or astrologers are in their blood. As talented scientists, they would like to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries, for example in physics or medicine. They can also live out their creativity in advertising, marketing or as artists. Since they are also well-wishers, they later get involved in refugee aid or in an environmental organization, for example.

What parents should consider when raising children

Raising the little watermen is like walking a tightrope and requires a lot of patience and strong nerves. Aquarius children insist on their autonomy and independence and want to go their own way. They like to provoke, sometimes go too far and tend to be stubborn when they feel restricted or punished. They rebel against rules and boundaries that they don’t see as sensible.

But they are open to logically understandable arguments and reasonable explanations. You need a lot of understanding and freedom to develop positively. Instead of giving instructions and making regulations, parents should give them the choice between different options from an early age. In the long run, it pays off not to deter Aquarius children from their exciting adventures and to give them a lot of trust.

Mini Aquarians tend to evade responsibility and take the path of least resistance. Parents should therefore let their offspring make their own decisions at an early age and encourage them to behave accordingly. Children influenced by Uranus also tend to multitask. Instead of focusing on one thing, they keep starting something new. Parents should show them that you have to complete tasks and show perseverance in order to ultimately be successful.

How to identify an Aquarius Child?

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