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How to identify Virgo Child?

What does the zodiac sign Virgo say about your child's character? In this article, you will learn what typical characteristics a Virgo child has, how they learn and what parents should consider.

How to recognize a Virgo child

Virgo babies are pure joy to their parents. In addition to love and affection, they only need a familiar environment, a regular daily routine and fixed rituals such as telling bedtime stories. Then they are calm and well-behaved children who hardly cause any problems.

When it comes to food, however, they are picky. When mashed carrots are on the menu, but little Virgos have an appetite for a banana, parents better adjust and give in when the time comes. In addition, Virgo babies should definitely burp after feeding.

They are prone to digestive problems and can make quite a show when their body is not feeling well. In return, they get used to the potty early on and soon tidy up their children’s room. Parents will celebrate their success when educating children about order and cleanliness.

Born under the reign of Mercury

Little Virgos are rational, have a wide-awake, analytical mind and want to understand connections early on. You have quick perception and observation skills. They are curious about every suggestion.

When they reach crawling age, they begin to explore their immediate surroundings. They proceed cautiously, methodically and with a great deal of practical sense. First they probe the carefully marked out terrain. Then they try to understand things by simply trying them out. They want to find out what use something has for them.

They always prick up their ears when adults are talking. Their curiosity keeps them interested in everything that is going on and being said around them. So parents shouldn’t be surprised if their offspring later ask them unexpected questions or hit the nail on the head with their criticism. Discussing tricky topics in private and always having a reference work close at hand can therefore be helpful.

The typical behavior of Virgo children

In order to feel secure, little Virgos need stable family relationships and firm rules. Everything has to be in order with them. Otherwise they lose their inner balance and can become nervous and irritable.

Even if there is hardly any sign of this in the family circle, Virgo children tend to be introverted and shy. They sometimes even seem reserved towards strangers because they have to get an idea of ​​someone first. They also choose friends and playmates carefully and thoroughly.

They quickly see through any deceptive maneuvers and have little time for show-offs and air kisses. They are too sober and realistic for that. But once they make friends, they are loyal souls.

As peace-loving natures, little Virgos rarely overshoot the mark. They are adaptable and obedient. They develop a sense of reasonable compromise early on. If they have promised something, parents can rely on them 100%. Control measures are unnecessary because little Virgos are very conscientious, correct and efficient.

If they’ve made a mistake, just point it out to them. Then they make an effort to do better next time. They want their parents to be happy with them and need lots of praise. Because they tend to be self-critical and have an innate tendency towards perfectionism.

Hobbies and interests:

Since little Virgos are very orderly and loving details, everything in the children’s room should always be in its usual place. That’s why you make them happy when they can sort and store their toys in numerous drawers, nice toy boxes or other storage options. Index cards and labels fulfill her desire to be able to categorize everything and allocate it appropriately.

A beautiful gift for Virgo children is a clock by which they can go and manage their time. They make it a point to be on time from an early age. Of course they like brain teasers, trivia games like riddles or a chemistry kit and anything that requires logical thinking and common sense.

They can try out their manual skills, for example, with building blocks, puzzle pieces or Lego bricks that they can put together. Girls also like to make necklaces with glass beads or do small handicrafts. They embroider, sew, knit or maybe start tailoring simple clothes themselves at an early age. They always want to look neat and clean and can be picky about clothes too.

Smaller household chores – from shopping to dusting or caring for a pet – are readily taken on by Virgo children. Because they are helpful and like to make themselves useful.

School and Career:

Submissive to their teachers, little Virgos tend to be good, hard-working students and love schedules to stick to. However, they first have to settle into a class group and a newly structured everyday school life. This is why they can have difficulties when changing schools.

You have a particular interest in scientific subjects such as biology and mathematics, which require methodical thinking. But they learn best through practical examples and their own actions. They familiarize themselves thoroughly with new topics.

They do their homework accurately and dutifully prepare for their lessons. In this way, they often develop well-founded and extensive knowledge. Nevertheless, they tend to stay in the background and are not particularly noticeable.

Because they are also modest, their classmates rarely see them as nerds or know-it-alls. However, they can offend with their critical powers of observation. When they think they are right, they don’t hide their opinions. They point out their mistakes to others, but they don’t mean it in a disrespectful or malicious manner. With their criticism they want to help the criticized.

Virgo children usually deal with the question of which profession they want to take up later at an early age. It is very important that they can complete a good and well-founded education. They tend towards professions in which their curiosity, attention to detail and practical skills come into play and later want to become precision mechanics, teachers, journalists, lecturers, accountants, bankers, economists, doctors, non-medical practitioners, natural scientists or executive secretaries.

What parents should consider when raising children

Even if little Virgos don’t tend to be overly emotional or show that they long for love, they are sensitive and need visible signs of attention such as hugs, kisses and cuddles. Spoiling them a little won’t hurt them.

Parents shouldn’t make too high demands on their offspring, but rather be lenient. Since Virgo children are always striving to do everything right, they put enough pressure on themselves. They learn best through guidance and role models. They need a lot of encouragement and encouragement to develop greater self-confidence and confidence.

It’s best for little Virgos to understand early on that they should relax and take it easy on all five. Otherwise their sense of order and attention to detail can develop into small-mindedness or even pedantry. Unnecessary bans are also out of place. Virgo children are receptive and insightful when they understand why.

Parents should face criticism from Virgo children and confidently admit their mistakes. Little Virgos observe very keenly and are alarmed when you try to talk them out of what they have observed. It’s also important to always be tactful with them. Because taking criticism is difficult for Virgo children. They suffer from their shortcomings and tend to feel inferior.

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