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How to identify a Scorpio Child?

What does the zodiac sign Scorpio say about your child's character? In this article, you will learn what typical characteristics a Scorpio child has, how they learn and what parents should consider.

How to recognize a Scorpio child

Little Scorpios pose a lot of puzzles to their parents. Physically, even as babies, they appear surprisingly vital, strong and robust. With their penetrating gaze, they seem to focus on their surroundings and downright hypnotize their counterparts. If something goes against their grain, their intense gaze will turn into an angry glare. Parents should definitely stand up to this look in order to gain the necessary respect. It is just one of the first tests of strength to be expected from mini scorpions.

On the other hand, Scorpio children need a lot of love and their cuddles. They have deep feelings and fine antennae for their surroundings and are very dependent on the closeness and attention of their parents. However, they will soon be mercilessly dismantling their beloved cuddly bear into its individual parts to see how it is made on the inside. They want to explore everything in detail and have an extremely strong will. It is best for parents to get a large playpen in good time. Scorpio children have a lot of energy that they have to use up through a lot of exercise.

Born under the sign of the planet Pluto

Little Scorpios love secrets that they don’t want other people to share. Not letting your cards be looked at gives them a certain power. Since they are suspicious and cautious, they always have to sound out the situation carefully. At the same time, they have a great need for seclusion and need their freedom. They tend to keep a low profile to protect themselves and like to camouflage themselves when they feel insecure, vulnerable and at the mercy of others. But while they put on a poker face, true drama can be unfolding in their souls, from elated to deathly sad.

The typical behavior of Scorpio children

As soon as little Scorpios can speak properly, they pester their parents with blunt questions. With their perspicacity and intuition, they are great masters at uncovering the secrets of others. They want to look behind the scenes and are rarely fooled. With their enormous ability to empathize, they instinctively sense when their parents, siblings or friends have grief or problems. Even if they don’t understand the context yet, they will try to comfort and support their loved ones.

Mini Scorpios are loyal to people they love. They also have a heart for the weaker who need help. Because they are withdrawn and not particularly easy to get along with, they tend to have few but very loyal friends with whom they later form a close-knit community throughout their lives. They hate small talk and don’t like casual contacts. At heart, however, these very sensitive children are not loners. Rather, they have a great desire for intense and deep relationships and unbreakable bonds.

Scorpio children shine with their courage and bravery. Once they have set themselves a goal, they work persistently and consistently towards it and will not let anything or anyone get in their way. Challenges represent a special attraction for them. Obstacles and resistance spur them on. They are too headstrong and too proud to capitulate. You don’t want to appear weak and make yourself vulnerable. Sometimes they can even get downright obsessed with their plans and goals.

Sometimes they give the impression of giving up. But in fact they are just waiting for a good opportunity to get their way. They don’t avoid problems and don’t like lukewarm compromises. They don’t even shy away from arguments, which can also take on dramatic proportions. When they feel betrayed or betrayed, they plot revenge or unleash their famous poisonous sting. Anyone who is not their friend quickly becomes their enemy.

Hobbies and interests:

Everything unfathomable, hidden and mystical fascinates Scorpio children. They like ghost and horror stories or scary fairy tales. Later they prefer to read spy novels or thrillers. She is also fascinated by magic. A magic or chemistry set will immediately inspire them to practice corresponding tricks or carry out unusual experiments.

With a microscope, little scorpions can live out their spirit of research and scrutinize every detail. Or they scour musty basements and dusty attics in search of family secrets. They particularly like to play hide-and-seek and find the furthest corners of the garden or parent’s house. In order to live out their great urge to move, they often romp outdoors. They have a penchant for adventurous night hikes in the dark.

Little Scorpios develop a strong interest in the opposite sex from an early age. True love tragedies can already take place in third graders. Because the November children tend to jealousy and possessiveness. They also suffer a lot when they are lovesick. Then they often start to entrust their thoughts and feelings to a diary – with a lock, of course – which actually helps them to come to terms with themselves.

School and Career:

Scorpio children rarely have difficulties at school. You have a sharp and analytical mind, learn quickly and can also solve tricky tasks. Since they are very goal-oriented, determined and persistent, they are able to achieve a lot. But she must be interested in the material. They get bored quickly and then need a new challenge. They can be motivated if they can deal very thoroughly and intensively with a topic that seems puzzling to them in some way.

The relationship with the teachers also plays a major role in success at school. Small scorpions become independent early on and reject any dictation. Because of this, they can have problems with authority figures and become troublemakers. However, if a teacher treats them with respect and develops a bond of trust with them, children born under the sign of Scorpio will be true model students.

Professionally, Mini Scorpios are predestined to later become experts in their field. In addition, as adults they are often needed where crises have to be overcome or where life and death are at stake. With their intuition, they can become gifted criminologists, investigators, criminal defense attorneys and investigative journalists. Or they go into scientific research. Often they also want to work as surgeons or in the emergency services. Their interest in mental abysses also makes them good psychologists, therapists or dying companions.

What parents should consider when raising children

Parents have to show tact when it comes to bringing up children. Otherwise mini scorpions can be quite exhausting for their environment. For one thing, they need a lot of love, patience, and understanding. They also want to be treated with respect. Parents should not authoritatively impose their own will on their offspring, but should always be loyal to them and, if possible, never break their word or any promises they have made. On the other hand, parents have to be assertive and show consistency and strength. Under no circumstances should they be allowed to dance around on their noses.

Parents should give honest answers to the persistent questions of little Scorpios. These children are truth buffs and have a sixth sense. They see through every lie and otherwise lose trust in their father or mother. They also notice very quickly when something is being kept from them or is only being played. Then, unsettled, they withdraw into themselves and become even more withdrawn.

Taboos and prohibitions represent a great temptation for little Scorpios and offer them the opportunity to measure their strength. Parents should definitely insist on compliance with agreed rules and limits and explain the meaning of do’s and don’ts to their offspring in an understandable way. Then these children can be surprisingly insightful.

Mini Scorpios have a penchant for perfection. They have to experience that they are also lovable when they show weakness or don’t live up to the standards they have set for themselves. Parents should show them that everyone has weaknesses and that there is real strength in being able to deal with them with confidence.How to identify a Scorpio Child?


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