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How to identify a Libra child?

What does the zodiac sign Libra say about your child's character? In this article, you will learn what typical characteristics a Libra child has, how they learn and what parents should consider.

How to spot a Libra child

If your baby is born under the sign of Libra, other parents will envy your luck. With their friendly nature, innate charm and adorable smiles, these children will win the hearts of everyone around them in no time at all.

Even as babies, they are even-tempered and strive for good behavior. They don’t roar with anger, kick the blanket away, or pull their mother’s hair while feeding. Because they are extremely in need of harmony, want to be loved and treated lovingly.

For small Libras to feel comfortable, they need a relaxed, pleasant and peaceful atmosphere as well as a beautiful, friendly and harmonious home. That is why they instinctively do everything to please their parents. They endure even the rather annoying caresses of older aunts without even making a face. Relatives, friends and acquaintances will be infatuated with the sweet baby who is so engaging, accommodating, extremely well-behaved and easy to care for.

Born under the reign of Venus

Libra children are surprisingly good at adjusting to their parents, siblings and playmates and wrapping them around their little finger. They register early on that these qualities make their lives easier. However, their great adaptability and diplomatic streak also lead to a tendency to take the path of least resistance.

Because they need rest and have a penchant for laziness, they tend to be late bloomers. They are just too happy to be pampered a little longer, to be driven around in the stroller by mum or carried by dad. As a result, they often learn to speak or walk later than other children.

When they have recognized that they can often achieve more with their courteous manner and skillful flattery than with direct requests or persistent demands, they know how to use this advantage skillfully to assert their wishes and interests. At the same time, discordance goes against the grain.

They avoid arguments and arguments because they make them feel insecure and throw them off balance. Due to their great need for a harmonious and harmonious coexistence, they always look for compromises and strive for balance, but also become very dependent on the goodwill, recognition and applause of other people.

The typical behavior of Libra children

With all sociability, the children born in the cardinal air sign Libra have an alert mind and carefully weigh up situations, possibilities and circumstances. Therefore, they are not daredevils, but sometimes even seem a little shy. You can also read a book or play a game alone in a corner.

But they need a counterpart and many contacts. Because they approach others openly and impartially, they quickly find many different playmates and endear themselves with their even-tempered nature and their desire for fairness and justice. They are sociable and have a large circle of friends. Exuberant expressions of emotion are not their thing, however.

However, their deliberative nature often means that they find it very difficult to make decisions. So parents shouldn’t be surprised if their Libra offspring stands confused in front of the wardrobe in the morning and then can’t decide whether they should eat muesli, a sandwich or porridge for breakfast.

Objectively speaking, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, Libra children do not make hasty judgments and need time to overcome their indecisiveness. They react reluctantly to pressure. Parents should therefore simply not be spoiled for choice when things have to be done quickly.

Hobbies and interests:

Little Libras need a lot of variety and mental stimulation. You like to read and need to exchange ideas with friends and like-minded people. They are probably enthusiastic about computer games from an early age and are on the go on social media. They also play board games – from board and dice games to guessing, thinking and language games – in large groups.

Since they have a keen sense of beauty, they regularly provide their dolls with new outfits and like to dress up. They are interested in fashion and want to have a say in their choice of clothes early on because they value their appearance.

They can best live out their creativity, handicraft talent and artistic streak by drawing, handicrafts, painting, making music and dancing. These tendencies should definitely be encouraged, for example, through ballet lessons, painting courses or an art workshop. Libra children also help out around the house from an early age, they like to decorate the dining table or decorate the cakes their mum has baked.

Sport is less for them. They don’t like competitive situations. Ball games like volleyball or tennis or bike rides, which they can do together with friends, are most popular with them.

School and Career:

Well-mannered and lovable Libra children tend to get on well with their teachers and classmates. You are intelligent and objective, think clearly and logically and like to discuss things. In doing so, they always try to see both sides of the same coin and not only to do justice to the cause, but also to do justice to every person. If they sense injustice, they even take the side of opponents and in disputes between classmates they often take on the role of mediator and arbitrator.

Above all, however, small Libras will shine in artistic and musical subjects. In order to perform well, they also need a harmonious environment at school. Tensions with teachers or parents quickly have a negative effect. Therefore they work very well in a team.

However, they sometimes find it difficult to concentrate. Then they tend to get bogged down and stay on the surface. Discipline is not one of their particular strengths. Diligence with homework can also suffer as a result.

Due to their pronounced sense of justice, Libra children later feel attracted to legal professions such as lawyers, public prosecutors or judges. Their sociability, diplomatic streak and tolerance also make them good mediators, mediators, ambassadors, customer advisors or receptionists.

Because of her good taste, her sense of aesthetics and her artistic talent, she is often drawn to creative professions such as photography, advertising, architecture, music, fashion or design.

What parents should consider when raising children

When raising them, it is important not to spoil the lovely Venus children excessively, not to fulfill their every wish and on no account to be too indulgent. Little Libras need clear boundaries and need to learn discipline. Otherwise there is a risk that they will rely too much on their charm and shove tedious tasks off on those around them instead of making an effort and achieving achievements themselves.

In addition, as they are not particularly ambitious, parents should not abandon their Libra children, but encourage them with lots of praise and recognition. A sense of achievement gives them a boost and gives them self-confidence. They are very good at grabbing their vanity to better develop their skills and abilities. However, soft tones and empathy are required. Small Libras can be very sensitive and insist on a life of their own. They need their space and must not feel treated unfairly.

Libra children tend to be quite non-committal and indecisive. Therefore, they benefit from being encouraged early on to form their own opinions and then to defend their point of view in conflict situations. You have to learn that you can’t please everyone. Otherwise they adapt too much, resort to euphemisms or even lie about convenience. So that they don’t develop into little opportunists, they should experience that they are also liked and loved if they say no and assert their needs offensively.

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