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How to identify a Capricorn Child?

What does the Capricorn zodiac sign say about your child's character? In this article, you will learn what typical characteristics a Capricorn child has, how they learn and what parents should consider.

How to recognize a Capricorn child

Capricorn children sometimes seem like tiny adults even when they are in diapers and can really unsettle their parents. If mom tells her mini Capricorn to enjoy while feeding her, she will get very serious and astonished looks. At that moment, she’s guaranteed to feel so silly that she’ll refrain from baby talk in the future.

Capricorn children also won’t throw tantrums or dramatically throw down the spoon if they don’t like the mashed carrots. Nevertheless, they leave no doubt about their rejection. They know exactly what they want. While mom is still changing diapers, they have their sights firmly set on their goal and start crawling as if they had a master plan.

Even though mini Capricorns have an odd maturity early on, they tend to be late bloomers. They often learn to walk or speak late. You need a regular daily routine with fixed eating and sleeping times in order to feel comfortable and secure. Otherwise they get out of step. Fixed rituals such as reading bedtime stories also give them support.

In the bosom of their family and in the familiar surroundings of their home, they feel safe and secure. They are clingy and need stable relationships. As a babysitter, they accept at most the grandparents or someone they already trust.

Born under the sign of the planet Saturn

Saturn is the planet that imposes limits on us and reminds us of the seriousness of life. Little Capricorns are not playful or naive children. They know instinctively that the trees don’t grow to the sky and are not prone to daydreaming, hasty decisions or overconfidence. With their practical streak, they orientate themselves towards reality and what is feasible. They realize that to get what they want, they have to try and work hard. They proceed step by step and do not allow themselves to be diverted from your path. If they are initially unable to assert their interests, they simply resort to their proven tactics of attrition.

Capricorn children often have to overcome resistance and only achieve their goals after a few attempts. But they almost never give up. Their strengths are their patience and perseverance, their stamina and strong will. They can wait and be very persistent. But sometimes they are so stubborn and stubborn that they don’t want to admit their failure. They become independent surprisingly early and display a strong sense of duty and responsibility. With their high standards, they also put themselves under enormous pressure. When they don’t live up to their standards, they tend to feel guilty.

The typical behavior of Capricorn children

Little Capricorns will hardly worry their parents. As a rule, they are well-behaved and not particularly interested in pranks or mischief. They also like to stay at home and play quietly in their room. Even at a young age, they willingly take on small tasks, which they carry out conscientiously and reliably. They want to please their parents and be respected. Without grumbling, they take care of their smaller siblings and can also be very strict about it. They like to be in control and have leadership qualities, which gives them confidence. Capricorn is a cardinal sign that can develop an amazing spirit of enterprise.

They are extremely polite to adults. But sometimes they also tend to be precocious. You have a sense of tradition and also like to spend an evening with your grandparents. Most of the time, they listen carefully to adults because they want to learn something about life.

However, they are very cautious, reserved and withdrawn. Therefore, they usually have few friends who have to earn their trust over a long period of time. But once they love someone, they are very loyal and make friends that last forever. Being self-sufficient, they can also become loners.

Hobbies and interests:

The reserved, family-oriented mini-Capricorns feel unsettled by too much variety and change. They have a tendency to become couch potatoes and move in well-worn ways. Therefore, they should be encouraged to go outside to play and explore the area. Fresh air and exercise are just as good for them as making new experiences. They like to spend their holidays in the mountains, where they can learn cross-country skiing in winter or hike and climb peaks in summer.

Capricorn girls like to dress mum’s dresses and high heels that are much too big and pretend to be grown-up women. Capricorn boys try their hand at being teachers, doctors or train drivers. They are also happy to take on the responsibility for caring for pets as substitute moms or dads.

Since they are very serious, they often lack a childlike lightness. They prefer games that they can get some benefit from. They can test their patience and ability to concentrate with puzzles or memory. When playing with building blocks, they live out their practical streak and build houses or towers. Or they tinker and repair objects.

School and Career:

Capricorn children tend to be easygoing students to teachers who are hardworking, disciplined, and attentive. Little Capricorns like to study, show up to class on time and dutifully do their homework. You can concentrate well, are very precise and thorough. Since performance and success are very important to them, they work hard to make few mistakes and get good grades. They are very ambitious and have their professional careers in mind from an early stage. They are less interested in abstract ideas and theories than in the subject matter that has to do with practical reality.

It is obvious that little Capricorns with this behavior do not immediately win the hearts of their schoolmates. They often run the risk of being seen as slow-witted and overachievers. But over time they allow more closeness and find connection. Through their integrity, they gain a lot of trust and earn respect in the long run. Then they are even assigned management tasks and shine, for example, as class representatives.

They tend towards jobs that promise social standing and material success. However, they prefer to work in the background instead of putting themselves in the limelight. Their down-to-earth and pragmatic nature makes them good managers, lawyers, scientists, engineers or architects. They often become self-employed as craftsmen. You can also contribute your love for tradition and history as a restorer, watchmaker or antiquarian.

What parents should consider when raising children

Little Capricorns particularly need the loving and understanding attention of their parents. Otherwise they withdraw into themselves, isolate themselves and, in the worst case, become stubborn. Even if they don’t show their feelings, they are sensitive and vulnerable. They get discouraged when they are criticized and don’t take it well when their parents constantly nag them. Necessary criticism should always be formulated in an encouraging way and offer the children positive alternatives. The best way for parents to boost their mini Capricorns’ self-confidence is with well-dosed recognition and honest praise.

Parents should not ask too much of their dutiful Capricorn children, so as not to put additional pressure on them. The little Capricorns have to learn not to overwhelm themselves. In doing so, it is important to give them the feeling that they do not have to earn attention through any achievements. If parents place loving trust in their offspring, they will do whatever it takes to justify the trust placed in them.

Interpersonal contacts are important so that children born under the sign of Capricorn do not develop into loners. They should be encouraged to pursue their own interests and to socialize with peers who they can just have fun and romp around with. For example, parents organize parties, games or trips with other children.

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