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How to identify a Cancer child?

What does the zodiac sign Cancer say about the character of your child? In this article, you will learn what typical characteristics a Cancer child has, how it learns and what parents should pay attention to.

How to recognize a Cancer child

Little Cancers need a lot of love, care and a warm nest. Above all, the emotional closeness and direct physical contact with the mother play a major role in the early and formative years. Only then do Cancer children develop enough basic trust.

If as babies they can suckle contentedly at their mother’s breast at any time, get a lot of sleep and are always tenderly cared for, these cuddly, well-behaved and affectionate children melt the hearts of all relatives and awaken their protective instincts.

The zodiac sign Cancer is a water sign and symbolizes conception, pregnancy and childbirth. It is best for parents to get a nice baby cradle to lull their offspring to sleep. Then Cancer children have the impression of rocking back and forth gently and totally protected by the amniotic fluid in the mother’s lap, which calms them down immensely.

Later they will often have the feeling that they are not really prepared for the harsh world of reality and secretly always want to remain a child who can count on their mother’s unconditional love.

Born under the ruler-ship of the moon

It is difficult to predict whether Cancer children will laugh or cry, sulk or withdraw in the next moment. Their moods change as reliably as the tides. You are at home in the world of emotions and ruled by the forces of the unconscious. Therefore they are very soft, vulnerable, sensitive and impressionable.

They need support, want to be protected and handled with kid gloves. When they get hurt or feel unappreciated, they withdraw—and it can take a long time for them to regain the confidence to step out again.

The typical behavior of Cancer children

Little Cancers are shy, reserved and very cautious. They have strong family ties and need to feel like they belong. Since they tend to be strangers, they should get to know their future babysitters or nannies well beforehand and ideally be provided with their cuddly toys and a comfort blanket when their parents leave the house.

Then Cancer children will play quietly and contentedly with their doll or a toy car for a long time. Because they have a thriving imagination and their dream world is reality for them. They also have a lot of ingenuity and patience.

You are so sensitive and empathetic that you intuitively sense other people’s feelings and respond to them instinctively. Gentle, caring and understanding, they mother their friends or playmates from an early age. They take everything very seriously and have built close to the water.

But they can also be refreshingly boisterous and delightfully naive. However, parents should not be fooled. Cancer kids mostly get their way in their gentle, indirect way in the Cancer walk. Because they are tough, stubborn, persistent and usually also ambitious. Cancer is a cardinal sign and has a claim to leadership.

Hobbies and interests:

Cancer children are creative little creatures with tremendous imagination. From an early age, parents should read them fairy tales or other books that allow their offspring to immerse themselves in the realm of fantasy. Later, Cancer children can become real bookworms.

They also like to act out fairy tales or stories with friends or family and often have an acting talent. When alone, they sometimes even make up a playmate or best friend to keep them company in their imagination. Even their dolls and teddy bears will have lives of their own in their wild imaginations.

Little crabs like to paint, do handicrafts, handicrafts and make music. Girls and boys willingly help their mother around the house or in the garden and enjoy helping to bake cakes and cookies.

They are also caring and nurturing of their younger siblings or lovingly caring for a pet. They often also collect things to which they have an emotional connection, such as postcards or photos.

Sport, on the other hand, is not usually their thing. They love to splash around in the water or go for a walk. They are very close to nature and like to be outdoors.

School and Career:

Cancer children are late developers. They often start school later, which shouldn’t worry the parents. Little crabs catch up with time when their ambition awakens.

At school, they initially do not attract much attention due to their reserved nature. First they sound out the situation. In addition, they often have difficulty asserting themselves against their classmates.

However, they soon shed their reserve towards schoolmates whom they like. As a rule, they only have a few, but very good friends.

A familiar environment and a good emotional relationship with their teachers and the respective material, which must be comprehensible to them with their senses, is decisive for their commitment and their success in school.

You think visually and can express yourself very clearly. They also have a very good memory. But they have a hard time with abstract trains of thought and concepts.

Their creativity and musical talents should definitely be encouraged. They tend towards jobs in the artistic or handicraft fields such as musicians, painters, writers or restorers.

Because they also have a deep understanding of mental issues, they often become psychologists or therapists as well. They can live out their social commitment and their willingness to help, for example, as doctors, nurses, kindergarten teachers or in social and youth work.

What parents should consider when raising children

In addition to a lot of love and understanding for the changing moods of the little crabs, parents need a lot of empathy and sensitivity when raising them. They are easily discouraged by a firm hand.

Their development should be promoted in a targeted but cautious manner, without asking too much too quickly or trying to force something. The moon children react to pressure or criticism with withdrawal or they flee into a dream world.

It is therefore best to introduce them to tasks and support them in carrying them out. But parents should not spoil Cancer children or wrap them in cotton wool, but encourage discipline.

In order to become more self-confident and have more confidence in themselves, Cancer children need praise and a lot of sense of achievement. Recognition and encouragement can spur them on to top performance. It is best for parents to gradually give them easy-to-manage tasks for which little crabs take sole responsibility.

In order to survive later in life, they must learn to develop more autonomy and independence.

A good family atmosphere is also very important for the positive development of cancer children. They need security and perceive unspoken moods and tensions almost seismographically.

It is better to talk to them in a child-friendly but open way about disagreements, conflicts or problems and to explain the circumstances to them. Then they immediately show understanding and offer their support.

Little Cancers often sense harsh gestures, hurts, insults or rejections when they are not there at all. Parents and siblings should therefore avoid even teasing them or calling them by weird names.

Otherwise, these sensitive little beings will think that nobody in the world understands them and will try to hide their emotional richness behind the hard shell of crab. You can be very resentful and then tend to become loners.

How to identify a Cancer child?

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