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How to identify a Taurus children?

What does the zodiac sign Taurus say about your child's character? In this article you will learn what typical characteristics a Taurus child has, how they learn and what parents should consider.

How to recognize a Taurus child

Children born under the sign of Taurus are loving, affectionate and cuddly. Above all, they like to be pampered. Even as babies, they usually don’t cause any problems for parents if their elementary needs for food, rest and sleep are satisfied regularly and reliably.

Establishing a routine is very important for Taurus children. They attach great importance to the fact that their physical well-being is regularly and extensively taken care of and that everything goes as usual in a familiar setting. In a comfortable environment they develop into happy and content little bundles of joy.

Born under the sign of Venus

Small Taurus are very sensual. That’s why they need touching and stroking as a sign of affection. Everything that is physically tangible and sensual for them conveys security and security.

With their loved ones, they feel comfortable and in good hands. They need a great deal of familiarity, a solid foundation and must be firmly rooted. Therefore, they develop a strong sense of family early on.

Because they have a deep-felt longing for permanence, they make friends for life at an early age and remain loyal to them.

The typical behavior of small Taurus

As a rule, children born under the sign of Taurus are calm, peaceful, well-mannered and emotionally balanced. They don’t tend to be moody, push themselves to the fore, or demand attention.

Although they are very sociable, they will sometimes play quietly in the corner of a room with their doll or with building blocks when no one has time for them. They tend to avoid arguments. They feel the need to live in harmony with those around them.

To get what they want, Taurus children use their energy and charm. Girls also like to flirt with dad and wrap him around their little finger. Taurus children know that being good and well behaved will bring them many benefits.

You have common sense, a pragmatic streak, a sense of reality and a lot of patience. They can wait for their desires to be fulfilled. All these positive qualities will make it easier for them to cope well with everyday life later in life.

Leisure time and interests

Taurus children are down-to-earth, domestic, close to nature and practical. This is also reflected in the choice of their hobbies. They enjoy everything that grows, blossoms and thrives. They prefer to stay outdoors to enjoy nature and the landscape.

Or they work with dedication in the garden. They are often very efficient early on and make themselves useful. Girls also willingly help their mother with cooking or baking and take on their own tasks. However, they prefer to lick the bowl of dough after baking the cookies.

Many little bulls like to do jigsaw puzzles, do handicrafts or do handicrafts and are very skillful. They are also avid collectors. She is particularly fascinated by things that have a long history. They often hoard their treasures for years and find it very difficult to part with them again.

From an early age, you attach great importance to material possessions. Above all, Taurus children have great taste and a sense of tradition. Their musical streak usually means that they like to draw or sing.

Parents should definitely stimulate and promote a corresponding artistic talent by enabling Taurus children to learn a musical instrument, art classes or singing lessons, for example.

School and Career:

At school, Taurus children usually stand out pleasantly. They are diligent, come to class on time and do their homework thoroughly.

They absorb new information rather slowly. But fixed rules, comprehensible specifications, practical examples and the community in the class make it easier for them to learn, for which they often need more time than other children. They are popular with their classmates because they enjoy working with others and are very sociable.

To compensate for their leisurely pace of learning, Taurus children are good at concentrating. They also have enormous stamina and an excellent memory. In this way, they gradually earn good grades in school.

On the other hand, they have little time for complicated theories or mind games. They are more likely to excel in practical and artistic subjects that they see benefit to themselves, their lives, or their future careers.

They are mostly interested in jobs in industries or areas such as crafts, real estate, architecture, horticulture, business or economics, the hotel industry, food, gastronomy, fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, history, archaeology, art trade, music or painting.

What parents should consider when raising children

With so many bright sides, Taurus children also have a few dark sides. They can be very harsh and hostile when challenged or pushed into something they are not ready to do. Then they even tend to defiance or sudden outbursts of anger.

Or they fall into stubborn silence. They not only process information, but also feelings, events and experiences very thoroughly and only slowly. With their phlegmatic temperament, they display their very own, gradual pace of development and tend to be lazy.

Taurus children cannot be forced, driven or pressured by anything or anyone. Parents should respect this peculiarity instead of reacting with harshness. Otherwise, small bulls will only offer even greater resistance. On this point, they show amazing stubbornness and tremendous perseverance.

With their stubbornness, they can almost drive parents to despair. However, they are open to reasonable arguments that really make sense to them. They can also be motivated with small rewards such as their favorite food.

Parents should also gradually attune their Taurus children to changes and everything new with a lot of patience through conversations and prepare them well. Otherwise,How to identify a Taurus children? they react unsettled and can easily be thrown off course.

When training small bulls, they should be gently encouraged to develop more flexibility in a playful way and to try something new from time to time. That’s why it would be good to keep adding little surprises to your everyday life – for example, a picnic in the park on the way home from school. In this way, they can learn to deal better with change.


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