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Dear Aries Everything Will Be Well

Dear Aries Everything Will Be Well

Dear Aries, everything will be fine. Trust yourself, because if you want, you can. You know that you are a person with a lot of inner fire. The fire that gives you all that energy you need to achieve every dream, every goal, every objective. Everything will turn out better than you think…

You are incredible Aries, a fireball of energy, you shine, you shine and you make others light up many times when they are dull or drowned in a hole from which it is difficult for them to get out.

You want to be strong in everything you do, you don’t like to shed tears for anything or anyone, you escape and run away from pain by putting on a shield and often you think you are invincible. But deep down, despite that hardness that you can have with everything, or despite that strength that seems unbreakable, you have the innocence of a child.

It’s okay to cry Aries, it’s okay to be sensitive from time to time, and why not? Show it to the world, show it to those who really matter, who will not use that as a weapon to destroy you, who will not hurt you and will see in you something more than what you show… You have an incredible authenticity inside and yes, to things hurt you, you also have a bad time when someone important hurts you.

It is not necessary for everyone to know what is under that protective layer that you put on, but it is important that some know it. Your childlike innocence does not take away your strength, your sensitivity does not take away your resistance or your energy… You are as you are Aries, do not forget to show it to those who really matter to you…

Dear Aries Everything Will Be Well

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