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True love is when your husband lets you sleep for 2 hours at noon

Maybe you have children. Maybe you have pets too. Sometimes you may find it tiring to make toast. You have to clean the house, cook, make sure the little ones wash their hands before eating, don’t get hurt, comfort them when they are upset.
The walls are drawn, the toys are scattered all over the house, the cats and the dogs steal the food. There are kisses, hugs, but also screams, diapers and quarrels. Therefore, true love can mean letting your husband sleep for 2 hours at noon.

What does true love mean? It can even be a 2-hour nap!

Caring for children is not an easy task and it is much easier to have two adults patrolling the house to prevent problems. However, your husband may let you sleep at noon. It would be easier to wake you up. It would be easier for them to pull you out of bed and remind you that you are a mother, despite your need to sleep for two hours at noon.

It would be easier for them to remind you that you are a parent too, but don’t. She goes to the office or maybe she works from home. And sometimes he’s the only parent in the house. Some days he doesn’t even get a glass of water.

And it never makes you feel guilty. It doesn’t make you feel like you’re less of a parent. He scolds you if he apologizes and tells you that everything is fine. He never complains. He does not say that he is tired, although he probably sleeps at most five hours a night. This is true love. You’ve never felt more loved than when you lie down on the bed to sleep for 2 hours while the kids scream behind the bedroom door.

You know that they receive food and are taken care of, but all these responsibilities are taken away from you. And when you wake up after two hours, make sure everything is clean, the little ones have eaten, and the house looks reasonable.

Maybe you thought love was different. That it means going 150 km / h to the west, with music in the speakers at maximum. The wind blows through your hair, you go to a restaurant. Maybe that’s how love was in the beginning. A series of great gestures. Maybe you thought that love is a series of dramatic shows and validated only with an audience. Maybe you thought you should sleep in a bed full of rose petals.

Until you meet the one who is your husband. He may not offer you roses every day, but he cooks dinner for you. He fills your glass with water and holds your bag when you’re tired. Loving attention always for the other. And this attention becomes even more important when children appear. When the first child cries at night, your husband is the one who goes and takes her in his arms, because you are too tired to pick him up. He is the one who never complains that he has to stay awake at night while breastfeeding because otherwise, you would fall asleep too. All of this is just true love.

And you notice the same love when he looks at your children. He is a parent, not a clumsy father who does not know how to bathe his children or does not know how to put them to sleep. And discipline the little ones as much as you do. He cooks and never complains when asked to change the diaper of one of the children. And you would do the same for him.

True love is when your husband lets you sleep for 2 hours at noon

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