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Why you should raise children with their grandparents

The connection between grandchildren and children is special and deep. It is not always easy and can involve long journeys, but when parents allow their children to develop a positive relationship with their grandparents, the little ones have something to gain.
It is often said that grandparents will raise the next generation, but all that extra love only makes the little ones stronger. That’s why you should raise children with their grandparents!

What are the reasons why you should raise children with their grandparents?

1. They will have a built-in support system

A study by Oxford University found that children who are close to their grandparents have fewer emotional and behavioral problems and are better able to cope with life’s traumatic events, such as divorce or school bullying. In a real way, grandparents can provide a sense of security and support that helps children cope with bad childhood experiences.

2. They will have a high resistance

Other research suggests that understanding family history may make children more resilient, and they may come to feel that they can control their lives, even when life outside the family seems uncontrollable. Finding out where their grandparents came from and how their parents did their shopping in their teens can help their children understand that they are part of a much bigger picture than they thought.

And the knowledge of these things and the fact that previous generations have gone through difficult situations, helps children to cope and increase their resilience.

3. Children help their grandparents live longer

Studies have shown that close relationships between children and grandparents are good for everyone. Children become stronger, and grandparents become healthier. Research suggests that grandparents who care for their grandchildren earn about 5 years of life. An intergenerational connection really benefits both sides.

4. Children are at a lower risk of depression when they reach adulthood

A 2014 study by Boston College correlated the close emotional relationships between grandparents and adult grandchildren with lower rates of depression – for both grandparents and their adult grandchildren. In the case of grandparents, a close relationship with grandchildren exposes them to new ideas, and adult grandchildren benefit from the life experience and advice they receive from grandparents.

5. Children behave better with the elderly when they reach adulthood

All people grow old one day and no one wants the next generation to be discriminated against because of their age. Fortunately, the best antidote is to promote positive relationships between children and grandparents.

According to a study of 1,151 children in Belgium between the ages of 7 and 16, children who were close to their grandparents were less likely to discriminate against older adults. Children who had a bad relationship with older people in the family came to have a more discriminating perspective.

Why you should raise children with their grandparents

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