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Mom, thanks to you, I’m going to be a model father and husband

Know. It’s hard sometimes. You laugh, you cry, you rejoice, you worry. That’s life like mommy. With everything. But you are so important to your child and he needs you so much that he deserves every effort. In the end, you will be able to drink your coffee, finally, calmly proud in your soul that that piece of child is a big man now thanks to you.
Dear Mom,
I think Daddy should tell you more often how special you are. I’m too young to use words, but you know, you’re really special! And important. And beautiful. And perfect. And special. I’ve told you this twice before, but you really are! And do you know why? Because thanks to you, my family will be happy later. Perfect. How are we now. Thanks to you, I will know how to respect my wife. I’ll know how to love her, tell her she’s special because she’s mine. When Daddy tells you ” My beautiful and perfect wife “, I know that’s what I want. Because, Mommy, what I see at home, I’ll do too.

So, Mommy, thanks to you, I’m going to be a model father and husband!

You are the one who will teach me not to be afraid to express my emotions. Later, I will be able to tell my wife that I love her. Just like you like to hear that. I won’t even be afraid to express my feelings towards my children because it’s not for you either! Later, when I’m a teenager, I may not want to kiss and hug you so much anymore, but don’t get upset, Mommy! It’s my fault, but that doesn’t mean I won’t want to show you that you still love me.

You are the one who will teach me to trust myself. Did you see how much Daddy likes to encourage him by telling him he can? Have you seen how many things he can do because of you? That’s what you taught me was the woman.

Engine fuel. Nothing happens without him, but together … You will teach me this without telling me that I am the smartest child in the world. Let’s be serious, if I’m not a little Einstein, you can’t lie to me and tell me I’m the smartest! Instead, you can praise me when I complete a mission, or you can praise my way of working if it’s one that really surprised you. Besides, please never tell me I did anything just because I’m a little boy. I don’t want to think about later the marriage and the mother of my children will not be able to do things just because she is not a man.

You are the one who will teach me to be respectful. When you ask Daddy to give you something and then you smile at him so warmly, I can’t help but think that I want to. I also want to learn to respect my family and do my best! I want to learn to respect so that I can be respected.

You are the one who will teach me to pay attention to others. I’ll probably ask you to let me play video games or have accounts on social media.

Violence in games and the virtual world won’t help me become empathetic, and I’ll need that later so I can be careful with my family. Mommy, don’t forget to be firm when it comes to video games. Make me a schedule and make sure I follow it, even if I get upset sometimes. From time to time, you might ask me what I would do if I were a friend, for example. Or in your place, why not? This is how I will learn to put myself in the shoes of others.

You are the one who will teach me to take care of my health. Take me with you when I go to the doctor and tell me why you’re doing this. Tell me when you go to the dentist and why you brushed your teeth. I need to imitate healthy behavior. That’s how I learn!

You are the one who will teach me to be a good father. I will know the male model through your eyes, but also through the example that my father gives me. I need to see when and why you appreciate Daddy, I need to see that you trust him, I need to see how you share your tasks because …

I will do the same.

Dear mom, do you realize how much responsibility you have on your shoulders? Do you realize how much I depend on you? Do you realize that my happiness will be due to you? You are not only special, you are important! The most important being on earth! At least for me.
Mommy, don’t forget to teach me to be grateful! You have to teach me how to appreciate everything I have, to work for the things I want, be they material or emotional. Teach me not to be superficial and always look for kindness in people. That way I will know how to choose the right one later. In fact, that’s the only way I can be happy.

I know it’s hard for you sometimes. They can be so unbearable at times that you can lose your temper. You’re going to have to teach me that people make mistakes sometimes, and it’s normal for them to apologize. In fact, they may even be sorry not to apologize. So, if you’re yelling at me, don’t forget to show me you’re sorry.

You can tell me, “I was wrong! I didn’t treat you right.”

Mom, thanks to you, I'm going to be a model father and husband

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