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If I don’t compare you to another mother, why do you compare me to another child?

No one holds the absolute truth! No one can claim to know how to raise the perfect child, just as no one can say that he is the perfect parent. But do you know what the absolute truth is? Unconditional love. This love cannot be altered by anyone or anything. It’s okay to be wrong, but don’t forget to always go back to the unconditional love between you and your baby.
“Dear Mommy,
I love you! You are so important to me and I trust you so much! Remember when you gave me the first piece of broccoli? I wasn’t going to taste that thing, but I did it because of you. You trusted me, and in the end, I was convinced that it’s not as bad as it sounds. Remember when I had a toothache? I didn’t think I’d ever be quiet until you took me in your arms, Mommy. How good it was in your warm arms!
But when I first fell, remember? I was scared and ready to cry, though, to be honest, it didn’t hurt so much. You smiled at me and kissed me so fondly that I laughed too.

Remember, Mommy, when everyone was telling you not to hold me so long because I’m going to be too spoiled? However, you chose to do the opposite, and I was in the arms of the universe.

You are my Universe, Mommy. That warm smile that only you can have, those arms that are better than any other cradle, your words that sound better than any other song! Mommy, all this makes me strong! I grew up, that’s right, but I still need you. I need my Universe a few months later, when I grow up.

Do you remember when you decided I had to sleep in my room? I suffered, Mommy. I could no longer feel your breathing or your heartbeat. But I understood. I understand you need to sleep next to Daddy.
Do you remember when you decided I had to put on my own shoes? I liked to pamper myself, but I realized I had to do it myself.
Remember when you first took me to kindergarten? You weren’t there anymore, but I realized I had to make friends and discover the world.

Do you remember when you were patient with me and introduced me to all those tasteless foods that I had to eat? I understand I’m doing well.

It’s true that sometimes I felt the need to spit them out, but you were patient and prepared them in the same way, until I started to like them.

Mom, you are my universe. You are the best mother in the world! Know? I’m small, but you’re making me big. Mommy, you are the most important being in my life! I absolutely trust you! And no, I never wanted another mother. There is no better mother than you!

Dear mom, if I don’t compare you to another mom, why do you compare me to another baby? When you tell me that another child is doing something better than me, when you tell me that another child is learning faster than me, when you tell me that another child is doing better than me, I suffer. I feel like I don’t deserve you, Mommy.

That I’m not good enough for you. Wouldn’t that be how you felt if I told you that another mother is better than you?

Dear mom, do you know what? There is no mother in this world that I can compare to you. You are unique! You’re perfect! You’re beautiful! You are mine!
Don’t compare me to another child. I know I sometimes forget what you’re telling me. I know sometimes you lose your temper. I know you have high expectations of me. I have only one expectation from you: to love me. It is enough to know this to become the best child in the world! It is enough to know how much you love me to become the adult you dream of. “

Dear parents, remember how patiently you began this journey! Love, patience and support.

That’s all a child needs to grow up. Of course, sometimes we lose our temper. It’s normal. But we can apologize when we make a mistake and start over.

If I don't compare you to another mother, why do you compare me to another child?

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