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How to Make an Easter Wreath: a Simple Idea

Here is an original idea to make an Easter wreath with the children, a wreath made with Kinder eggs and which will make a beautiful Easter decoration. In addition, it is a pleasant and original way to reuse the famous yellow capsules and create fun decorative patterns. It’s an original way to teach children how to make a recycled Easter wreath!

Interest: development of fine motor skills and creation
Materials: 14 Kinder egg capsules (or more to make a larger Easter wreath), yellow and red pipe cleaners, black marker or marker, colored or patterned paper, needle, scissors, and glue
Age group: from 6 to 12 years old

How to make an Easter wreath

First, take your 14 Kinder egg capsules, you can take more to make a bigger Easter wreath but it will also mean more capsules to transform into a chick!

Open all the capsules and attach them with the lids, each lid is inserted on the base of the neighboring capsule, and so on. Look at the pictures below to fully understand how to make an Easter wreath with Kinder egg capsules.

how to make an easter wreath

Then cut out fourteen small triangles (or more if you have more capsules) in the colored paper using scissors then stick a triangle on each capsule which will represent the beak of the chicks. This is also the time to draw two small eyes using the felt pen or the black marker.

how to make an easter wreath

Finally, use red and yellow pipe cleaners to make legs and small ridges. Shape your pipe cleaner and cut off the excess with scissors. Then make small holes using a needle or a snail pick (be careful when handling with children): 1 hole above each chick for the crest and two holes below each chick for the legs. Then slide the legs and ridges into these holes and make a small dot of transparent glue to fix them.

make an easter wreath

You can add your decoration, such as a wool yarn bow tie. There you go, your Easter wreath is complete! A simple and original crown to recycle Kinder capsules.

easter wreath

How to Make an Easter Wreath: a Simple Idea

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