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Should you check your child’s phone or not?

At the age of 9, children don’t need a phone, but they will probably have one by the time they turn 12.
Although some people do not agree that the little ones should have a phone even at the age of 12, there are several reasons that justify this purchase. Parents can know where their children are if they need help. Many children use the means of

Should you check your child’s phone?

A few years ago, smartphones were a luxury for young children, but this has become almost a must in a digital world where children can interact with friends and family online, find out what people think about different topics, and learn how to use map applications to reach a specific destination. Children have different ways of coping with loneliness or social isolation.

The phone helps them to interact with others who are alone and feel isolated.

However, it is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, phones can provide the necessary protection if the little ones deviate from the right path. On the other hand, they provide easy access to social media and make it easier for people who do not have the best intentions. Countless publications have reported many situations in which children have been cyber-assaulted or have fallen prey to people who have taken advantage of their vulnerabilities. Given this new reality, parents develop the instinct to protect their child, and the desire to protect appears especially when they see that the little ones have almost been victims in the online environment.

Parents suddenly feel that their number one priority is to know exactly what their children are doing, who they are interacting with, and what types of messages and texts they are receiving online. The BBC reports that almost 80% of American children have smartphones, and that they have easy access to the Internet and social media worries their parents. Monitoring children’s phones has become an irritating factor in the parent-child relationship.

Should parents spy on their children’s phones? Spying is too harsh a word. Monitoring is the right wording. Spying comes with a negative connotation and provokes strong reactions from children, who feel that their privacy is being invaded.

But parents love their children and feel the need to protect them. This is their main responsibility. There are so many people with bad intentions in the online environment, not to mention the toxic dialogues, intimidation, aggression and irreparable damage. Your dwarf may not appreciate being monitored. If you explain the reasons and help him be more aware of potential dangers, he may agree with regular monitoring or be more restrained when it comes to what he reveals in the online environment. But some children will protest and tell their parents that they do not trust them and that they are abusing their power.

But don’t get carried away by this speech. Monitoring your child’s phone is your responsibility.

The conclusion? Yes, you should check your child’s phone and computer activity. Be honest and tell him you care about his safety, and checking his online activity is the only way you can make sure nothing will happen online. Focus on positive monitoring.
Should you check your child's phone or not?

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