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Mommy, I know you love me, but teach me to go my own way!

You had a lot of hard days. When you gave birth, when you gave her the first baby, the first temperature, the first love. But nothing prepares you for that day. That day when your child puts his backpack on his back and walks away from you. So I leave you with the lines below.
“Dear Mommy,
I’ve been looking at a swallow’s nest for a while. I found out that the chicks stay in the nest all day, and the swallow mother goes out every day to bring them food. At first I thought he was leaving them and they were going to starve, then I saw how he came back and fed each of them. Be careful, as you do! Did she eat it? I was happy, then I was sad again. I think she was worried about the chicks when she left.

Mommy, the swallow mother hasn’t left today.

He stayed there in the nest and encouraged each chick to fly. I didn’t think they would succeed, and I didn’t understand why the swallow mother would let them do it. He sat there one by one, helping them take flight. And they really did! How did my swallow know? They need to know each other well. Or maybe he fed them until he knew they could do it. Sure they talked!

Mommy, I know you love me, but teach me to go my own way!

I think you’re the swallow mother, and I’m the baby. And I think one day I’ll have to leave you, but you know what? If you don’t teach me how to do that, I can’t handle it.

Teach me to be independent, to know how to cook my own food, to wash my clothes, to work for my comfort and that of my family. So … how do you do it now! 

Mommy, I know it’s going to be hard for you! The swallow mother did not look happy at all, and yet she let them go. Surely they had something important to do, otherwise why would they leave?
Mommy, were you a baby swallow too? And you left your mother? It means that if you do so well, I can! I calmed down.

Mommy, don’t forget I love you, even when I’m not around.

Without you, I wouldn’t be able to take my flight, so since I owe you this for a lifetime, it means you’re a piece of me. I can’t give up that piece. I wouldn’t be me anymore!

It will be hard for both of us! The nest will seem too big, I’ll have to handle it. I know you’re worried, but you’ve done a good job! There will be times when you think I’ve forgotten you. Never! I have no choice but to know that sometimes I am fascinated by what life shows me. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about you.

On the contrary! If you only knew how many times I’d say, “She was right, Mom!”

Mommy, I know you love me, but teach me to go my own way!

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