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The love of the child is not bought with money

Money is not important. Not for your baby. Of course we can easily fall into the trap of “I do everything for my child” or “my child deserves the best”. But is it really about the child or about you?

Our fears are ours and that’s it

I was born into a very poor family, but I did not feel poverty. I saw her in the pictures later. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Strange, is not it? The child felt nothing, the adult (parents), yes. That’s why I came to believe that those fears are ours and that’s about it.

Later, when the money came, I remember how my mother always asked me “What should I take from you? What can I bring you from Bucharest?”. I am 32 years old and he still asks me if I need help. He didn’t get rid of it, and I don’t think he’ll ever get rid of it.

It’s her way of telling me she’s there for me.

I never wanted anything. If I think about it, the only thing I asked for was a driving school. I knew that if I didn’t get the permit then I would never get it again. Of course, that doesn’t mean that if I didn’t ask, they wouldn’t take anything from me. They took enough, but I didn’t feel anything. I was no happier with the new clothes, the first cell phone, or the computer that others didn’t even dare dream of.
You don’t earn your child’s love with money,
But with quality time spent with him.

1.Children do not need houses and money, but healthy principles. And who can prepare them better than their parents? A child cannot tell the difference between Gucci and ordinary clothes, but he can tell the difference between a parent present in his life and an absent one. So, make sure you spend time with him. Build memories that he will later use with his family.

2. Teach him how to become independent. It’s holier and safer than giving it your all. Be realistic and ask yourself: what will the child do if you are gone? Will he be able to handle himself?
3. The child must also be prepared for the worst. No matter how much we want, life takes us on unknown paths. It’s okay today, maybe not tomorrow. So what will your baby do? How will he handle the whole situation? Will he know how to start over?
4. Give him your time, not your money. Your time cannot be paid with money, nor the love nor the attention you have to give to the child. Time, attention, and love, this is the true legacy you leave to your child.

I don’t want my baby to suffer as I did

We are guided by this “rule” so much, but we lose sight of other things. Sure, it’s not a bad thing that you want it to be easier, but make sure it’s not the only thing you offer.

It is important, but not the most important. The more important the trust you place in him, the more important the example you give him, the more important is the affection you give him.

In order to receive love, you must offer love. Remember this!
The love of the child is not bought with money

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