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Paper Ladybug – DIY

Today I offer you a paper ladybug workshop. This is an adorable and easy-to-make paper ladybug that you can offer to children from 3 years old (you will have to prepare all the elements in advance for children from 3 to 5 years old and only offer them the creation of the ladybug without the cutouts).

Interest: development of fine motor skills and creation
Materialpattern, black, red, and white paper, glue, scissors, and blue marker (or another color)
Age group: from 3 to 10 years old

How to make this paper ladybug

Use the pattern to reproduce the different elements of the paper ladybug: a big red circle for the base, 4 red stripes for the body, a blackhead, two white eyes, six black dots. You can print the pattern and use it in two ways: either you cut out all the elements and you reproduce them on the colored sheets, or you use carbon paper to reproduce them: I have a preference for carbon paper.

paper ladybug

Then take the four red stripes and fold the ends of each strip over 1cm maximum.

easy paper ladybug

Put some glue on the tabs you folded…

paper ladybug craft

… and stick the tabs under the big red circle (the base), as if you were making little bridges.

paper ladybugpaper ladybug

Then take the head of your paper ladybug, glue the two small white circles to make the eyes, and draw two small circles with a blue marker (or another color) in the center of these two white circles.

easy paper ladybug

Glue this head to the body of your paper ladybug.

paper ladybug

Now all you have to do is stick the black dots on the ladybug’s body.

child paper ladybug

Your paper ladybug is now complete!

paper ladybug

And to accompany this paper ladybug craft, a little ladybug story: Lucky the ladybug of luck

Do you want to know one of nature’s best-kept secrets? Few people know that the ladybug brings good luck. Even better, some ladybugs are like fairies from the insect world!

Only a small percentage of them receive the magical gift of sharing their luck in granting the wishes of other creatures. When one of these special ladybugs is around, the sun shines, the rain fizzes, rainbows are brighter and last longer, and the trees are greener.

Lucky is one of those special ladybugs. She is happy every day, for her gift of being able to help others. She brings good luck to insects, animals, and humans wherever she goes.

Once Lucky sat on a leaf in front of a colony of ants for an entire day. The ant colony was in a panic to find food to survive the coming winter. Food was scarce this year. Their queen was praying for a miracle. But Lucky spread his magic gift of luck and it wasn’t long before some lost hikers stopped and had a nice lunch right outside their anthill; while looking at their card again. When the hikers left, they left behind hundreds of crumbs, a half-eaten sandwich, and large lettuce and spinach leaves. The worker ants were going to have work and were going to be able to bring home more food than they needed for the winter.

When a storm suddenly hit the coast of Brittany one night, Lucky walked into a house belonging to a family. A mother and daughter worried that the light from the lighthouse wouldn’t be bright enough to guide dad’s fishing boat home. Lucky then spread his lucky gift and granted their wish. The beam of light became much stronger and brighter to their amazement, and the fishing boat quickly docked safely. When the young girl jumped into her dad’s arms to hug him, she whispered, “I saw a ladybug in the lighthouse. I think she brought us luck.”

Another time, Lucky spent a winter day on the wall of a stable. A mare was starting to work, and the vet was struggling to get through all the snow. The mare was very nervous. So Lucky shared his gift with the mare. The farmer quickly rushed into the stable followed by the veterinarian. The mare calmed down a bit and gave birth to a beautiful foal that day. The vet told the farmer how lucky he was because the snow was so deep that it was a miracle to have arrived so quickly.

These are just a few of the many stories of Lucky the Ladybug. So if you see a ladybug, don’t trap or harm it. She may bring you good luck if she is a special ladybug like Lucky, and your wish may come true.

Make your beautiful ladybug out of paper and put it on your windowsill, it may bring you beautiful things!

Paper Ladybug - DIY

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