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How to teach your child good manners when he makes fun of you in public

You never know what your child will do in public. Every parent has some embarrassing moments in his life when his child’s behavior shocks him and makes him feel bad.
Maybe he hears the little one commenting on a relative’s weight, or maybe he stops on the street in front of a smoker and tells him he’s going to die. Maybe your child receives a birthday present and tells the person who gave it to him or her that he or she doesn’t like it. Maybe at Christmas, he barely makes eye contact with his relatives. These embarrassing moments have nothing to do with your parenting skills. All children do unpredictable things and have moments when they are rude, indifferent or unaware of social expectations. Here are some ways in which you can teach your child good manners when he makes fun of you in public!

Does the little one make fun of you in public? Here’s how to put one together for use with your homework

Problems in public

Try to forget the opinions of others and do not make decisions when you are nervous or upset, because your emotional state at that moment means that you are overreacting to minor incidents. Wait until only you can talk to your child.

And he talks calmly. Only if you do not feel that there are bigger problems and your child’s behavior gets worse. If the child often behaves rudely and disrespectfully, try to teach him to put himself in other people’s shoes to consider how his behavior affects others. As you teach your child this, try to ask him how he thinks he feels when he talks to you rudely.

If the child opposes polite behavior, start asking him how others feel about his behavior and whether he is behaving that way just to show something to others.

Many public incidents can be resolved if the little one knows how to be polite, even if he doesn’t want to do so much.

Extended family problems

Try to interpret your child’s behavior to figure out what he or she needs. Is he tired, overwhelmed, hungry? Taking care of a basic need can help your child change his behavior, and in this way you can stop the embarrassing moments. You should not be ashamed to go with the little one, if he has an ugly or even dangerous behavior. Don’t threaten him, but try to do what you set out to do, despite your relatives’ comments. Analyze what behaviors you can ignore in order to create a comfortable and enjoyable family experience and what behaviors the child should be directed to.

Talk to your family, ask relatives not to intervene and try to educate your child. It is not pleasant for anyone to rebuke your child at a family reunion.

Problems with teachers and other authorities

Remind the child of good manners at this time. Allow teachers to react and educate your child so that both parties work to remind the child how they should act. Often, teachers know their child’s behavior and can help you change their behavior to become a better person. Many embarrassing moments appear with the teachers every day, but they are willing to collaborate and take care of the child, so that it becomes his best option.

Don’t try to make jokes, find excuses or justify your child’s behavior. Simply tell him to apologize and discuss with him why you feel he has misbehaved.

How to teach your child good manners when he makes fun of you in public

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