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How to avoid tantrums when you take your child’s tablet or phone

Probably almost every parent knows how hard it is to persuade their child to put their tablet or phone down and do something else.
No matter how hard you try to avoid tantrums when you take your child’s tablet or phone, you may be dealing with a slightly more difficult problem to solve. If it’s one of the things you do every day as a parent, it’s a lightweight technique that might help. Here’s what this is about!

Do you want to avoid tantrums when you take your child’s tablet or phone? Here’s what you need to do!

We already know that using mobile apps and games can be addictive, but did you know that tablet and phone screens have the ability to induce trance in children? Whenever the little ones use these gadgets, the lights, sounds and images on the screen make the brain work in a certain way. Children’s brains produce the hormone dopamine, which contributes to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

In other words, using gadgets can bring happiness and joy to children.

When the screen is suddenly turned off or when a parent tells the child to stop using the phone, there may be a sudden drop in dopamine levels, which creates a feeling of physical pain and shock. This is when children lose their temper and resort to tantrums.

How to avoid tantrums?

What can you do to shorten the time spent in front of the screen without triggering children’s tantrums? Experts with experience in positive parenting say that the technique does not involve stopping the child’s activity without a warning. Instead, you should build a bridge between you and your child.

It is not difficult. All you have to do is decide when it’s time for your little one to stop using the gadget, sit next to it, express interest in what they’re doing, whether they’re watching a video, playing online, or exploring. Internet.

When you sit next to a child, try to ask him questions about what he is doing. For example, if a game is played, you can ask it what level it is or how that game is played. If he is watching a video, you can ask him who the funniest character is or what the video is about. At first, she may not answer or even seem upset because she feels like you’re trying to distract her, but it’s important to keep going.

This process of building a bridge between you and your child works in two ways.

First of all, it allows you to show your child that you are interested in what he is passionate about. Little ones love it when their parents care about their world. Your child will learn that you care about him and that you are willing to work hard to connect with him.

Second, when you build a connection with your little one, you help him get out of the online world easily, instead of making him suddenly end any online interaction. The little one leaves the online world and returns to an area where he realizes your existence, but gradually. Dopamine levels don’t drop sharply because you’ve built a bridge. In addition, when you build that connection point, it is easier for your child to hear you and respond to what you ask.
Next time you’re in trouble with your child’s screen time, try this simple method suggested by experts!
How to avoid tantrums when you take your child's tablet or phone

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