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DIY Mermaid and Island Dancer: Easy Tutorial

Today I offer you a DIY mermaid and island dancer made by MollyMoo! They are both very cute, a great DIY idea before the end of the summer holidays! This is a manual mermaid and dancer activity with rolls of toilet paper that you can offer to children aged 7 and over.

Interest: development of fine motor skills and creation
Material: rolls of toilet paper, paper of different colors, glue, scissors, markers, tubes of glitter glue, paint, and brush.
Age range: 7 to 12 years old

DIY mermaid and island dancer: how to do it

First, paint your toilet paper rolls peach, tan, or brown. If you don’t have any of these colors, mix orange, green, and white to create a beautiful skin color. Once the paint is dry, draw the face with a pink marker and a black marker.

diy mermaid

Cut out the mermaid’s hair, bra, skirt, and tailpieces from the colored sheets of paper. Use your glitter glue tubes and markers to add fun details.

Notes for this DIY mermaid and island dancer: To make the mermaid and island dancer hair, simply cut out a long rectangular piece to make the fringe, and shorter pieces to make the hair. You can make several models of tails for DIY mermaid and decide at the end which one you prefer. To make the skirt, cut out a long rectangle and make fringes using scissors.

manual activity siren

Wrap your paper strips around a marker to create wavy hair.

diy mermaid

Glue all the elements on your toilet paper rolls to create your dolls! Here is the island dancer!

diy island dancer

And her friend the mermaid!

diy mermaid

Hope you have fun with this mermaid and island dancer DIY…

diy mermaid

DIY Mermaid and Island Dancer: Easy Tutorial

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