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The child tests your relationship, does not weld it!

If you ever imagined for a second that one child binds you to another, you are wrong. Indeed, you get a status that divorce can never take away from you: that of a parent.
I’ve said it before. A couple can divorce, but their parents never separate. They have no choice!

So, whoever you are, if you are not in a great relationship with your husband, do not have children! Do you know why?

1. Because you will need him more than ever in those days when you need him to hug your husband, you will only hug the toilet bowl. Nausea every day for about 3-4 months.
2. Because you will need it if the nausea is severe and you will need moisturizing infusions.
3. Because you’re going to need him to be with you when the doctor forbids you to have sex until he says it’s okay to do that. But guess what? That can take a long time. Very much.
4. Because you will need him to massage your hands and feet when you will not have the energy to blink.
5. Because you will need him to prepare some food to soothe your nausea.
6. Because you’ll need him to clean the house unless you have a housekeeper.
7. Because you will need him to tell you that he loves you and that everything is fine between you.
8. Because you will need to understand why you can no longer sleep in his arms for a while.
9. Because you will need it both physically and emotionally.
10. Because you will need him to bring money into the house.

You see, the baby is made in two, so it takes both from the beginning to the end. If there is no love, respect and understanding, he will quickly get his foot in the door.

Because it will be difficult for him.

Have children when there is too much love between you and everything will be fine!

I believe that a child should appear when the love between you is so great that it can no longer be carried by two people. When there is love, everything happens without effort, without frustrations, without fears, without anything negative. When there is love between you, you don’t have to worry about not knowing how to raise your child because … there is love.

And it’s the most important thing a child needs to grow up beautifully.

So don’t make children just for the sake of making them! You will not feel the taste of happiness like that and it will not be a contract between you.
The child tests your relationship, does not weld it!

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