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Your child has no duty to make you happy!

I noticed a phenomenon around me that I don’t even know how to tell. I notice as if more and more often, the mothers around me put all their happiness on the shoulders of the children.

I even know very demanding mothers who expect performance from the child, at any level. Mothers who are upset if the child does not have the best results, mothers who are proud only of diplomas, medals and other achievements and mothers who are happy only when theirs is the best.

Children should not run after our condition, nor should they make us happy.

The moment you declare yourself proud, fulfilled or happy, as a mother, only when your child does something remarkable for it, you should ask yourself some questions …

They don’t have to run, swim, have 10 in a row, take first prize with a crown, be karate champions, play the flute, be the first to run marathons, have photo shows, hold concerts piano at the Polyvalent Hall (with the hall full!) to make his mother happy!

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be happy when things like this happen, but before (and even without), we can find millions of reasons to be happy.

Until you give your child a run for your money, you can be happy millions of times and millions of times.

Let’s close the chapter on happiness that finds us only after the child does something and make the children hear other things:

I’m happy because we came home early from work and we can spend more time together.

I’m happy we hugged in the morning before we entered the school gate.

I’m glad you want to hold hands when we go to the market.

I’m happy to see you smile.

I’m happy to see you play with the kids.

I’m happy when I call you, when you stay with your grandparents on vacation, and I hear your voice.

I’m happy to see you drinking milk from the cup and making your lips look like a little fish.

I’m happy when I take you in my arms and you hold me by the hands – a necklace around my neck.

I’m happy to sleep with you in the evening and put my little hand over my chest.

I’m happy when you dream I hear you laughing in your sleep, even when you have nightmares and you wake up scared, I’m happy to be next to you.

I’m happy when I’m at work and I know I have a little more and I’m coming home to you.

I’m happy even when I look at pictures of you when you were a baby.

I’m happy when you want to cook together and you want to help me clean the carrots. When you clean one, I finish making the soup, and that makes me happy because all this time we are telling each other all the recent events.

I’m happy when I see you doing all kinds of experiments around the house: composition for huge balloons, slime, pancake dough with cocoa or saffron.

I’m also happy when you don’t get some experiments because, according to Newton, you didn’t lose, you just found some ideas that don’t work.

I’m glad you come to me when you’re upset.

I’m glad you feel good in my arms.

I’m happy when you want me to hold you.

I’m glad you let me hold you in my arms when you cry.

I’m happy to be with you in this life.

I’m glad you’re my baby.

And, in principle, I’m happy to be your mother! That’s what every child should start with!

Your child has no duty to make you happy!

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