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We are not the same and our children are not the same! Stop telling me how I should raise my baby!

I don’t know if I ever woke up giving someone advice on raising children. This parenting thing is an area I’ve been defeated in since the beginning.
Ithought I knew them all before I became a mother! I thought everything was going smoothly and beautifully like a helium balloon taking her to the sky. In reality, this balloon has no helium at all, you try to hold it on your palm while it is raining, the wind is blowing, it is snowing, it is blizzard, it is hail and, well, there is also sun, from time to time.

I was going to find out pretty quickly that things are not the way they look in the movies and the way you hear them from others – they just tell you the things that are worth saying. Since then, I’ve decided not to get into anyone’s pot. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first and foremost. with vinegar.

They don’t kill us, but I can’t say they don’t make us dizzy or make us crawl as and where we can.

There were situations in which I was desperately asked for advice

And even so, when I was called and asked how breastfeeding / diversification / vaccination / anything should be done, I chose to direct the discussion to a specialist, who can be neither me nor any other mother (please, unless he is a doctor specialist). I didn’t want to interfere even where things seemed wrong in education. The only interventions were on the subject of beating.

But let me start by telling a mother that she is not doing well when she conditions her child, when she threatens him, when she ridicules him in public, I have never done or will do. I can possibly explain why I am doing this one way or another, but I will not tell anyone that this should be done.

I will never claim to have the recipe for perfection!

I’m not going to pull anyone’s sleeve and tell them they should give their child tennis or swimming, karate or piano, music or theater. I will not tell anyone what they should or should not do.

I will not tell anyone how they should relate to their own child, what “schemes” work and what doesn’t, with what “bribe” to please him to do a certain thing and others that I have been given to do. I hear very often. What is really embarrassing, in fact, is that moment of furious silence that I experience immediately after being told what I should do. I try, as beautiful and calm as I can, to say that we are not the same: neither we, as mothers, nor our children. What you liked or didn’t like, maybe I don’t like or it doesn’t work.

There is no universal recipe for raising children, it is not like making cookies.

Don’t tell me what temperature to keep the oven in, because we don’t all work with the same dough!

We are not the same and our children are not the same! Stop telling me how I should raise my baby!

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