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My daughter, I have two children, two dogs and a husband at home! And I have a job too! Don’t tell me you can’t!

I recently attended one of the many fairs organized by my child’s school. All classes are attended, and from all classes, each student must come up with something and … a parent, preferably. Whether we make decorations, whether we make cakes, pickles or steaks, they all end up on the exhibition table.

The day of the event is a kind of wedding day.

I wake up early, put something in the oven (depending on what we decided to take), arrange, decorate, wake up the baby earlier. Is beautiful! Unfortunately, after 5-6-7-8-9 such fairs, when you are a single mother with a job, a house, a child, you almost reach the end of your powers. I came to the last holiday to ask the child not to be upset with me because I really can’t.

I can’t do that anymore!

My problem was not that I had to work to do something, but that I had to go there too! Let me be there! It would be very easy for me to drop a pie and put it in my arms and do my job.

But it’s not really like that. The child wants me to come too, it feels good to be there too, he wants to see me there with all his heart, so he got to the point where he asked me to make pancakes and I just came. I was tired, I had a lot more on my mind, but I said I would do my best and go.

It wasn’t easy for me, but I managed to walk for half a day. For him! I was going to find out for the first time (because I’ve never paid attention to this before) that we’re actually only 5-6 moms at a time.

Same! Each year! Event by event! We even got to talk about it.

We all agreed that it would be nice to have as many parents as possible, to get more involved than 5-6-7.

Knowing how hard it was for me this time, I tried to argue that it is not easy and not everyone can afford this “luxury”. There are parents who can’t miss work! There are parents who have many other problems in their head! There are parents who just don’t know how, period! And then one of the mothers on the “committee” interrupted my speech very abruptly.

He hugged me and said firmly, like little children:

– My daughter, I have two children, two dogs and a husband at home! And I have a job too! Don’t tell me you can’t! Is that what you mean? That it is not possible? I took half a day off to come here! I didn’t do it for the holiday, not for the party, not because I had nothing to do! I came for my baby! Because it’s important to him! So don’t tell me you can’t! May! You just have to want it! Believe me!

And I swallowed my words and yes, I was right! You just have to want it! Unfortunately, this “just want” is too much for some, even when it comes to their children!

My daughter, I have two children, two dogs and a husband at home! And I have a job too! Don't tell me you can't!

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