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Is there a mother who does not annoy her child?

No, no, I’m serious! I want to know if there is a mother who does not annoy her child?

Do you know why I ask?

Because I annoy my baby 60 times a minute. I’m kidding, not 60, but at least 59 and I’m still doing it. Okay, I admit, I skip it a few times a day at most. And every day!

I’m asking this thing now because I thought it was normal.

My mother and I were annoyed and annoyed, and I had the impression that, to some extent, that was our goal in life. Basically, we’re like muscle fever. If the fever doesn’t show up, it means you didn’t work those muscles well.

Same with the child’s nerves! If she’s not annoyed, it means that parenting isn’t working, so to speak.

I lived well, thank you, for many years with the impression that it’s good that way, that’s all it takes. I was also talking to my friends who are mothers and this was confirmed to me. And they annoyed their children. So, dear ones, it was a rule.

I lived by the rule!

I have lived by this rule until today, when another friend called me, a more novice mother, and, among other things, she told me a little overwhelmed with guilt that she was kissing her son until he got angry.

That she would pull him by the cheeks, she would tease him and he would get angry. And it annoys him for other reasons: that he is not allowed to lick his slippers, he does not let him eat the fruits directly from the stall and he insists on washing them, etc. And she’s sorry, and she feels guilty and the final idea is that she might be a bad or crazy or distorted mother, or, or, or.

And he regularly hit me in the eye …

I told him it wasn’t true, that we were all annoying our children. I explained my theory about muscle fever and I didn’t think I would be successful.

I even think I’ve strengthened her belief that she’s not a good mother.

And now, seriously, I don’t see anything wrong with that. That’s why I ask you … I think that if you do NOT annoy your child at all, it is never clear that you are on the wrong path. Seriously! I really think we need to annoy our kids to keep them on track.
Or maybe it’s just mine, but he won’t always brush his teeth on his own initiative, he wouldn’t wake up every day at 7 to go to school, he wouldn’t start tidying up room, I wouldn’t wash my shoes, I wouldn’t put my clothes in the closet, I wouldn’t stop playing games on the phone, I wouldn’t stop playing, I wouldn’t go to bed early, I wouldn’t do anything all this, on my own initiative, every day, unless I tell him, that is, if I annoy him.
But, alas, if I can believe otherwise! You say!
Is there a mother who does not annoy her child?

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