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How to Make Thor’s Hammer Out of Cardboard: Easy DIY

If your child likes to dress up and adores superheroes, you can make this must-have item for a Thor costume. Find out how to make Thor’s hammer out of cardboard with this simple idea from Wikihow. A manual activity that does not require a lot of supplies, you can even recycle.

Interest: development of fine motor skills
Material: box of full kleenex, a paper towel tube, thick gray adhesive tape, a sheet of brown paper, and aluminum foil.
Age range: from 5-6 years old

So how do you make Thor’s hammer out of cardboard?

1. The tissue box should be a long, normal-sized box, rather than the smaller, square ones. Peel off the top, but leave the tissues in the box. They will add weight to your hammer. Then take a roll of paper towels. You can remove the paper from a brand new roll or just wait until you finish a roll.

how to make thor's hammer out of cardboard

2. Place one end of the paper towel roll into the top of the tissue box (the plastic-covered opening). Take the tape and wrap it around where the roll meets the box. Wrap enough tape so that the roll is attached to the box. Feel free to add pieces of tape, laid out perpendicular to the existing tape.

make thor's hammer out of cardboard

3. Place tape over the rest of the box. Wrap the roll in tape, in a circular motion, working from the base to the top of the roll. Leave the opening at the top of the roll free of tape. Also line the tissue box with tape using long pieces of tape. The goal is to get as smooth a surface as possible. Make sure the entire box is covered with tape.

cardboard thor hammer

4. Fill the paper towel roll. Take aluminum foil and cut it into small strips. Make a ball with each of the small strips and place them in the opening of the paper towel roll. Whenever you’ve added a little, take the end of a spatula or long utensil and insert it into the roller. Press down on the foil so that it is compacted. Remove your utensil and continue adding crumpled strips of foil. Do this until the entire roll is filled. Once you’re done, take a strip of masking tape and place it over the opening so the foil doesn’t fall out.

make thor's hammer out of cardboard

5. Wrap your sleeve. Buy a piece of brown construction paper. Spread a thin line of glue on one of the short ends of the paper. Place this end against the handle, centered, so that there is equal space on both sides. Then wrap the piece of paper around the handle. Once the whole piece is rolled up, add another small layer of super glue to the short edge of the paper. Press it against the handle with your hand until dry (about 1 minute). It’s over. Now you know how to make a cardboard Thor’s hammer.

cardboard thor hammer

How to Make Thor's Hammer Out of Cardboard: Easy DIY

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