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Superhero Christmas Balls: an Easy DIY

If you like to make new Christmas decorations for the house and the tree, today I suggest you make superhero Christmas balls with your children (or for your children). They are “super” easy to make.

How to make superhero Christmas balls

Start by looking for the superhero logos you want by doing a Google image search. Print them and cut them out.

super hero logos

Get transparent Christmas balls and paint each individually in the color of your choice. Pour acrylic paint into the superhero’s correspondingly colored balls; grey, blue, red, and green. Make sure to cover the entire inside of the ornament.

superhero christmas balls

Then, remove the excess paint and let it dry for a day or two so that all the paint can dry well. Tip: Empty toilet paper rolls cut in half are ideal for drying the balls.

super hero christmas ball

Once the paint is dry, simply stick the superhero logos on the balls.

superhero christmas balls

Superhero Christmas Balls: an Easy DIY

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