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Aluminum Wire Crafts for Kids

Aluminum wire is a thin, flexible metal. Although aluminum wires are typically used for electronics, they can also be used for some cool crafts. Both adults and children can use this aluminum wire to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces, napkin rings, dream catchers, ornaments, and even wreaths! Aluminum wires are also useful for hanging wreaths and other wall hangings. Check out some aluminum wire craft ideas below.

Simple aluminum wire craft ideas

I love crafty things…especially ones that are easy to make and look just as good to wear or decorate. Seriously, whether it’s jewelry, garden decorations, or trinkets for the home, you should get your hands on some aluminum wire so you can try out each of these items with your kids. I think my favorite is the small decorative tree, it’s really easy to make! And by testing the first ideas below, your (big) children may no longer ask you to buy new jewelry! For many possibilities of creative hobbies, remember to have a large choice of aluminum wires for your DIY creations, this will notably add colors to their creations!

pearl crown

You can easily make a beaded wreath for any time of the year using aluminum wire. To do this, you need to cut the yarn to the length of your choice to create a large loop. Then twist one of the ends to prevent the beads from slipping through there while you thread them. Use colored beads that reflect the holidays or time of year, such as green and red for Christmas or black and orange for Halloween. In the end, twist the two ends of yarn together to close the loop.

Adjustable bracelet

With the same technique as above for the crown, you can make a bracelet. You can even make it adjustable by making a loop much larger than necessary: ​​make a very small loop in one end of your wire and pass the other end through it, so you can make the bracelet bigger or smaller.


Again by cutting an aluminum wire to the right length, you can make this jewel easily. Once you have the right size ring, just slide in a big, pretty pearl (or something else, it’s your choice), block it with a dot of glue, and you get a pretty personalized ring.

Other fashion jewelry

If your children are meticulous enough, you can suggest that they write something with the aluminum wire: it’s so malleable that it’s not very difficult, but since it has to be small, it’s better to be meticulous. If the writing is really small, it can then be hung on a small ring to make a ring. For larger writing, they can be made into a bracelet, necklace, crown, or badge.


Give aluminum wires of different colors to the children and tell them to make a sculpture. Also provide them with all kinds of things that can be inserted into this sculpture, such as buttons or beads. Then let the children use their imaginations to make the magic happen…

fairy wings

Start by cutting four pieces of aluminum wire. Two pieces of the same length for your upper wings, and two of the same length for the lower wings. The longer the wire, the larger the wing will be. Then form your wings and twirl the ends of the wire to hold them. After twisting the ends, you can still shape the wings as you see fit. Find a picture of the shape you want on the internet and print it out so you have it in front of you before you begin.

After forming the wings, wrap the twisted ends in masking tape. Then it’s time to cover them with transparent paper (you know iridescent transparent plastic wrapping paper, or to cover books). Cut a piece of paper just bigger than a wing and glue your wing on it. Trim the edges and repeat on the other side of the same wing. Then repeat the same process on the other three wings.

When you are done paint with silver glitter. You can skip the paint, but it gives a great iridescent and shiny look. Then wrap the center (between the two wings) in the ribbon. Measure a strip of elastic that wraps around the child’s shoulders and tape it to the center of the wings. The wings are ready!


It is also quite easy to make a flower with threads of different colors. First cut a length of green wire for the stem, then cut short lengths that you will shape into leaves to hang on the stem. Then all you have to do is make the flower itself using colored threads. You can plant the flower in a pot next to a plant. Or you can make many flowers to plant in your garden!

diy aluminum wire

small bead tree

Use brown aluminum wire to make a nice little tree trunk with branches: twist several wires for the trunk itself so that it is a little bigger than the branches and use only one wire for the branches. Then slide pearls or buttons of all colors at the end of the branches, hold them with a dot of glue, and you get a pretty little decorative tree, to plant wherever you want!

Dream Catcher

With a few suitable materials in addition to aluminum wire, you could make a custom dreamcatcher. Provide feathers, beads, and other elements to insert on your threads and follow the shape of a dream catcher to make your own. You can also totally ignore the usual dreamcatcher model and make your square or rectangle, the idea is mainly to then cross your shape, whether round or square, by other wires in which you will have inserted pearls for example to form the canvas! Let your imagination be free.

Aluminum Wire Crafts for Kids

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