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Flamingo DIY

Today I am offering you a pink flamingo craft that is relatively easy to make with children aged 7 to 12, and the result is nice. Get the necessary equipment and get started in this manual flamingo activity with your children!

Materials: A4 sheet, scissors, black felt pen, pink tissue paper, string, pink foam paper, black colored paper for the spout, glue, 2 skewer sticks, colored tape.

How to make a DIY flamingo

Start by forming a square with the A4 sheet. Fold one corner over the opposite long side, cut the remaining rectangle off the side, and open the square. This is your base model.

Then trace the pattern 16 times on the tissue paper. Cut out these squares.

pink tissue paper

Make 2 stacks of 8 sheets of tissue paper. Fold them into a fan-like below

Fold in half and determine the center. Twist a piece of string around the center.

Cut the pointed ends on each side.

Open one side, like a fan.

Gently pull sheet by sheet towards the center. Repeat on the other side afterward.

Repeat the above steps for the other stack of 8 tissue paper sheets.

Draw a model of a flamingo head. Transfer it to the pink foam paper and cut it out. Repeat using thin foam paper and glue the two halves together for firmness.

Glue the pink silk “pompoms” on each side of the flamingo.

pink flamingo manual activity

Finish the head with an eye, a beak of black colored paper, and colored tape.

diy flamingo

Wrap two skewer sticks with colored tape and uses them as legs. Fix the top of the legs on each side of the body and the bottom on a tripod (empty wooden camembert box), your flamingo is ready!

diy flamingo

Have fun with this DIY flamingo!

Flamingo DIY

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