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DIY With Balloons: a Simple and Original Idea

Children enjoy the fun of balloons, especially at parties and active games. The balloons cost almost nothing (see for yourself the price of the balloons on Sparklers club ) and inspire children for many games! But inflatable balloons can also be used for manual activities. This DIY idea with balloons is very simple and can be declined endlessly. You will discover some ideas in this article but you can go further and create your models.

Materials: balloons (any color), glue, scissors, lightly colored card stock, black felt. Optional: wiggly eyes, sequins, stickers, beads, etc.

DIY with balloons: original cards

Elephant Card: First fold a sheet of card stock in half to create a card. Repeat for each card you want to create. Then take a balloon (one per card) and make dots of glue to attach it to the front of the card. This will create the elephant’s head and trunk. Once the balloon is attached to the front of the card, take another color of paper and cut out two ears to glue to the sides of the balloon/elephant (a pretty heart shape is great!). To finish the elephant cards, glue two wiggly eyes to the front of the balloon (if you don’t have wiggly eyes, cut out a small white circle for each eye and draw a black dot in the center before gluing them). You can then add other embellishments if you wish.

craft with balloons

Fish card: the same concept is used for this other card. Place your sheet (ideally blue this time) in the other direction and stick a balloon horizontally. Then cut out a mouth and two fins from paper and glue them around the balloon. You decorate the rest as you wish.

manual activity balloons

Hot Air Balloon Card: For this other card, you fold a single sheet of card stock in half lengthwise. Then take a balloon and glue it to the front of the card. This will create the beginning of the balloon. Once the balloon is attached to the front of the card, take a black marker and draw a “Basket” attached to the balloon. Finish your hot air balloon card by adding clouds around the balloon.

craft with balloons

Get inspired by this DIY with balloons to create your models, I’m sure there are other ideas to find, oh well, butterflies for example! Or giraffes using the long part for the neck and the bigger part for the body. Or even a submarine! Children always have incredible imaginations, after making one of these card templates with a balloon, ask them what other animal or object they could make with the same principle. And even the youngest can do this DIY. If you want to discover another idea for a manual activity to do with balloons, check out these little anti-stress monsters!

easy diy balloons

DIY With Balloons: a Simple and Original Idea

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