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Easy Unicorn Craft

Today I suggest you make an easy unicorn DIY with two different models! The first unicorn manual activity is done with a small empty tin can as a base and the second with an empty briquette. Get started with your kids!

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Interest: development of fine motor skills
Material: see on each model
Age group: from 6 years old

1. Easy unicorn craft with a tin can

Materials: small empty tin can (remove the label, wash it and let it dry well), paper and wool of different colors, pink paint, scissors, and glue.

First take your clean, dry little can and paint it any color you like (pink is a must for unicorns, but a blue, yellow, or green unicorn would also be smart). Let the paint dry well before starting the rest!

DIY tin can

For the rest of this easy unicorn craft, draw and cut a white semi-circle out of paper and glue it to the base of the tin can. This will be the base of his muzzle.

manual activity tin can

Take 6-7 balls of wool of different colors (preferably bright colors, like the colors of the rainbow) and cut lengths of more or less 50 centimeters in each ball. it will be the unicorn’s rainbow mane!

diy unicorn with yarn

You must now make small long balls with each thread of wool and tie a knot close to one of the edges of the ball. Then glue all your small balls on the top of the tin can, next to each other, to make the mane.

easy unicorn craft

Cut a horn out of yellow paper and stick it behind the mane (inside the box). Hold the horn under pressure with your fingers for a few minutes.

child manual activity

In the same way, as you created the horn, cut out two small ears from dark pink paper and two smaller ears from the light pink paper: glue the small ears on the large ones. Then glue the ears around the horn and inside the box (like the horn). Once it’s done, take your pair of scissors and cut the bottom of your small balls of wool which represent the mane to equalize it.

child craft

Cut out two adorable black eyes (like below) and glue them above the muzzle. For younger kids, these little eyes can be a little tricky to cut out: you can just use a big black permanent marker to draw the eyes.

diy unicorn child

All you have to do is cut a small oval out of pink paper and glue it in the middle of the muzzle. Add two black nostrils out of paper or use a marker. It’s over!

diy unicorn easy

2. Easy unicorn manual activity with a briquette

Material: briquette, paper of different colors, black felt, scissors, and glue.

For this second easy unicorn craft, start by covering your briquette with white paper, the same way you would wrap a present.

diy briquette

The second step is to draw, cut, and paste a light pink muzzle:

easy manual activity

Add ears, as below, with white paper and pink paper:

diy recycling

Add two small pink ovals on the muzzle. Then make the unicorn’s mane by cutting out drop shapes from the paper of different colors. Then glue them to the top of the briquette, overlapping them on top of each other.

diy unicorn

Continue the mane by bringing it down to the right of the briquette. Then use a black marker to draw the eyes and the mouth, as in the photo below:

easy unicorn manual activity

All you have to do is add the horn and a flower (optional). Cut a horn out of paper and draw stripes on it with a black marker, then glue the horn behind the top of the mane. Cut a flower out of paper and glue it to the mane.

diy unicorn easy

Have fun making an easy unicorn craft!

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