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Craft Nurse – Diy

Today I offer you a DIY nurse from a roll of toilet paper. It is a fairly simple manual activity that you can offer to children from 6 years old.

Interest: development of fine motor skills
Material: roll of toilet paper, papers of different colors, scissors, markers, and glue
Age group: from 6 years old

How to make this nurse craft

The first step in this nurse DIY is to cover your toilet paper roll with blue paper. Use your roller to cut out the correct size of paper (width and height) and then glue it to the roller (as in the photographs below).

The second step is to make the face. Cut a wide strip of yellow paper (or pink, or whatever, it’s your choice) leaving a small triangle at the bottom for the face. Using a marker, draw a mouth and eyes (you can add a nose, cheekbones, and whatever you want). Then glue this strip to the top of the roll.

You will now add your nurse’s hair. Cut a brown strip (or another color) 3 to 4 centimeters wide going around the roll. Then cut very small strips of 2 to 3 centimeters across the entire width. Then use a pair of scissors to transform each small strip into a tournicoti, as you do with gift wrap ribbons! Now all you have to do is stick the hair on the roller.

nurse with a roll of toilet paper

Now cut a cute little heart out of red paper and glue it under the face.

roll nurse

Now move on to the nurse’s cap (the final touch) by cutting it out of white paper (look at the shape of the cap below), allow some height so you can glue it inside the roll. Add a red cross on the headdress using a red marker or with red paper that you cut out and glue. Glue the headdress!

diy nurse

Finish your DIY nurse by adding some details on the blouse using a black marker, take inspiration from the image below (or create your details):

make a nurse

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