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I wish I could never forget these things

This brings me, a few times a month, a state of acute consciousness, so to speak. Sure, I could find any pompous term in contemporary terminology, but I prefer my own (any fool is proud of his achievements, right?).

So I was telling you about “acute consciousness” – that is, those moments when I stop and analyze and experience everything I feel. And I notice! And breathe! And IM glad! You know what I’m saying …

These moments come after I notice my son.

Every time I look at him better, I’m in a bit of a state of it. Sir, this kid doesn’t know how to be sad. He does everything he does with joy. Whether he’s happy to do it or he’s in a hurry and making fun of himself, this kid of mine is happy to do it all. I pray, almost everything, that he still has moments –  teenage hot flashes  – when everything stinks and everything is awful, but in 10 minutes he apologizes and laughs at his recent upset.

Today I looked at his pictures from his childhood to the present day.

Such a joy on him, all the time on the spouses, all the time smiling, masquerading, having fun.

We laughed at him holding our bellies for the simple reason that he had to parachute at AVAP. He used to do this when he was little, he had even learned to make them in 3D, but now he didn’t feel like doing this as a child. That doesn’t mean he didn’t find a reason to have a lot of fun with it. He danced, he sang, and I sat and looked at him …

So I would like to never forget that:

– You can laugh when your ice cream falls on the floor
– You can sing when you’re sad
– you can have fun when you look at the clouds and find similarities with who knows what beings, play a role-playing game and invent all sorts of situations
– that you can fall, fill your hands and knees with blood and laugh that you’re good at playing zombie movies
– that you can lose at Crozzit and rejoice that you did a good deed and let others win so that they too can be happy – that you can find joy in absolutely anything (but anything!) interact
– that you can practice happiness as a lifestyle

– that happiness has nothing to do with sadness and you can be happy and sad at the same time.

These things are not excluded (I will detail this to you at some point, he explained to me and he is right)

– that walking barefoot produces joy
– that life is not made to be taken as others say and everyone has the right to make their own mistakes
– that age is not calculated in years, but  “in the cool stuff you did”
– that you can dress the way you want, but it’s all about not paying attention to what people say because otherwise, you won’t feel good – that you feel best when you do things for others and that the coolest happiness is then when you make someone happy
– it’s okay to be told/explained things, but it’s even cooler to think for yourself
– that all children need love
– that one cannot live without love
– that it is not illegal to combine dishes between them according to your mind – you can put small in the cream soup and cherries on the wires – the matter of eating is a matter of everyone’s tastes
– being an adult means having extra levels, but if you’re level 30, it doesn’t mean that level 10 is gone – so just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you’re no longer a child
– that there are no children or bad people, only children or people whose mothers did not know how to show that they love them
– that in everything there is room for: more, better, worse …

Like this list, but today I only have so much time to write because someone is waiting for me to do a culinary experiment.

God help me!

I wish I could never forget these things

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