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Rocket Pencil Holder

Today I offer you a new tutorial to make a pencil holder in the shape of a rocket. I had already offered you a pencil pot roll of toilet paper and a pencil pot with a tin can. Discover this new manual activity to make a rocket pencil pot! A craft that will appeal to budding young astronauts!

Interest: development of fine motor skills
Material: cardboard, Canson paper of different colors, gray pencil, glue, and scissors.
Age range: from 6 years old

How to make a rocket pencil holder

Step 1: Start by drawing a rocket shape on the cardboard, as in the picture below. Cut out the rocket and also draw the lines and circles you see in the image below. Draw and then cut out two rectangles 3 centimeters wide and in height use your rocket (the bottom to the line at the top). Draw and cut another rectangle 3 centimeters wide and in height use the width of your rocket. It is also necessary to provide three circles and a cardboard tab, again look at the image:

diy rocket

Step 2: use the rocket you cut out as a model to reproduce the second one in the cardboard. Don’t forget to reproduce the lines and circles in pencil.

pencil pot rocket

Step 3: cover your rocket with blue (or another color) paper, as below.

rocket manual activity

Step 4: Do the same with red (or other) for the sides of the rocket.

rocket pencil pot

Step 5: add red to the top of the rocket and two stripes of yellow below, as in the photo below. Then glue yellow circles on the cardboard circles.

rocket pencil holder

Step 6: Glue the two yellow circles on the rocket. Then repeat all the colored paper operations for the second rocket, as below.

make rocket pencil pot

Step 7: stick orange paper (or another color) on the rectangles of cardboard.

diy pot pencil rocket

Step 8: glue the three rectangles as below, let dry well.

make a rocket pencil pot

Step 9: Glue the second cardboard rocket on the orange rectangles.

rocket pencil holder

Step 10: your rocket-shaped pencil holder is finished!

rocket pencil holder

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