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Could we not be so bad with each other?

I have said it before and I say it again: I do not think that there are harder struggles than these that are taking place in the field of parenting. //

It is also said that it takes a village to raise a child. he will stone you in the head, instead of being the first to support you, to accept you and to listen to you.
I ran into this thing for the first and first time in my life when I was just born, and I don’t know how the hell I made the mistake of saying, in a group of moms, that I didn’t wash my clothes twice. You know, they use detergent and conditioner and they can kill if they get stuck in their clothes. Well, since then, I’ve been dealing with situations like this.

Didn’t you wash it with organic products?

Did you give them detergents and substances? Alas, woe to his life! Did you, mother, carry the weight so far, did you carry a load with you, did you gain 15 extra pounds, did you go through all the pain to give birth and are you now making fun of all the work using some shampoo? What if it says baby on the container? What if he says it’s good? Not true! You don’t have to believe everything you see, not everything that flies is eaten! It must be written that it is made of angel tears with cloud foam and placenta juice, that only on these labels is the truth told! Otherwise, no, it’s not good, you signed his death sentence when you washed him with something like that.

Did you diversify it with puree?

Woe to your head! There is no such thing! You are not allowed to do such a thing.

He is not well and he is not healthy and woe to his soul as he grows up. You are an incompetent, selfish, lazy and stupid mother. How can you not know that it is not good to diversify like that? How about finger food and baby-led weaning? Women like you should not be allowed to become mothers!

Don’t you just give him organic food?

Huo! Child killer who you are! How to Slowly Kill Your Baby? How to give him chemicals per kilogram? Why did you have more children if you didn’t take care of them? Sin! That child is not to blame, he is sorry to have a mother like you.

Did your child give a damn toy or did he get into it when he got older when he was nervous?

Shame on you, damn it! How to raise such a human specimen and how to educate him to speak like that? Oh, and you let him swear and you didn’t scold him? Hell is waiting for you! It’s not like that! When a child makes a mistake, it should be taken immediately, wherever they are and whatever they do.

What if you traumatize him and humiliate him, but at least you take his curses out of the system!

Doesn’t your child answer endless questions when he or she meets adults that his or her parents don’t know very well?

How? Doesn’t he mean how old he is? Doesn’t he want to tell us if he has a babe? Doesn’t he want to say who he loves the most? Doesn’t he want to say what he does in kindergarten? And what job does he want to have when he grows up? What a shame, mother! You’re a loser! You’ve grown a fool! On the corner of shame with you! You are thrown directly into the embarrassment of parenting!

Do you also give him cold cuts or sour juices?

The genius of kinship is waiting for you! You don’t deserve to be a mother. You are totally irresponsible and it is a shame to miss the lives of others, enough that you miss her on your own – that you will surely miss her because you drink bubble juice and eat shaorma too! How else would that baby eat? From you, of course! Huo!

Do you buy pretzels from the pretzel shop when you are on the road?

Nasol! Those are poison! It’s not good what you’re doing! And if you don’t know I’m poison, then it’s even worse! You didn’t have to be a mother because your mind doesn’t work, not because you’re wrong or you have nowhere to go and you make choices like that.

Do you give him antibiotics? Are you taking him to the doctor?

For this you should be executed directly, without trial.

How to poison your baby and play Big Pharma games when there are essential oils and nature gives us everything we need? Why go to the doctor with your baby? That the doctors are on hand with these mobsters from the pharmaceutical industry and they immediately fill him with drugs. Why go to the doctor? How lazy you are! That you don’t have to read a little on the Internet and learn how to cure your child with herbs, teas and oils.

Do you want to vaccinate or have you vaccinated your child?

All I’m saying here is that you should have a place already arranged.
Come on, I kissed you!
Take care of yourself and your children! (As you can.)
Greetings from the embarrassment of parenting, where I ended up because I was not able to cut my baby, I did not only give him bio, I took him to the doctor, I also vaccinated him, I did not wash him only with bio and I also gave him Salam (and to eat and listen). 
Could we not be so bad with each other?

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