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Painting Pebbles for Halloween

Today I offer you some photographs with models to paint pebbles for Halloween. These are simple ideas to make that you can offer to children from 3 years old for the easiest (I am thinking in particular of the ghost).

Interest: development of fine motor skills
Material: pebbles and paints of different colors
Age group: from 3 years old

Painting pebbles for Halloween from 3 years old

Here is a small series of painted pebbles on the theme of Halloween which is ideal for the youngest. The ghost is very easy to make, just paint a pebble all in white and then add the eyes and the mouth in black.

For Frankenstein’s head, try to find a pebble with a shape a little more square than round. Start by painting the pebble completely green and letting it dry. Then paint the hair black and add the small details (you can do this with a black permanent marker for ease): the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the scar.

To paint the pumpkin, start by covering a pebble with orange paint, let it dry. All you have to do is add the details with black paint or a permanent black marker: the triangle eyes and nose, the mouth, and the pumpkin features!

halloween painted pebbles

Painted pebbles for Halloween for kids ages 6 and up

The technique for painting these pebbles for Halloween is always the same, we start with the first color with which we cover the pebble. Let the first layer dry and add the details. Go ahead, you can even try creating your templates and designs.

paint pebbles for halloween

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