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Halloween Envelope: an Easy Manual Activity

Today I offer you a manual activity to make a Halloween envelope. This is easy to make a papercraft that requires very few materials except paper, scissors, and glue.

Interest: development of fine motor skills
Material: paper (black, white, and orange), pencil, scissors, and glue.
Age range: from 5-6 years old

How to make a Halloween envelope: tutorial

Step 1: the first step is to cut a first large square in the black paper (at least 20 cm on each side, the larger it will be, the larger your Halloween envelope will be). Then cut out a slightly smaller white square (approximately 5 mm) and cut out one of its rounded corners, as in the photograph below (top corner).

diy halloween

Step 2: Fold the bottom three corners inwards, as below.

diy envelope

Step 3: cut out two eyes and a mouth from the black paper.

diy halloween envelope

Step 4: Glue the eyes and the mouth, you have finished your Halloween envelope!

halloween envelope

Other models: on the same principle as above, you can also create other models of Halloween envelopes, such as a cat or a pumpkin.

diy halloween envelopes

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