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Make a Paper Spider Web: Easy Tutorial

Today I suggest you make a paper spider web, a nice decoration to make with the children for Halloween. You can offer this manual activity to children from 6 years old. Find out how to make a spider web below.

Interest: development of fine motor skills
Material: a white sheet of paper, scissors, and a pencil.
Age range: from 6 years old

Make a paper spider web: picture tutorial

Step 1: Take your sheet of paper and fold it in half, as shown below.

how to make a paper spider web

Step 2: turn your sheet a quarter turn to the left and fold the bottom left corner towards the right edge of the sheet, as in the image below. Mark the folds well.

paper spider web tutorial

Step 3: Now fold one of the two edges towards the other, as shown below.

diy paper spider web

Step 4: Cut the result obtained, as below. To make a paper spider web, you only keep the left part, the one that is held in the hand.

manual activity paper spider web

Step 5: take a pencil (pencil or gray pencil) and draw large stripes, as below, all along the part you have kept.

diy halloween spider web

Step 6: take your scissors and cut out all the strips you have drawn.

how to make a paper spider web

Step 7: Here’s what you need to get.

diy paper for halloween

Step 8: Carefully unfold your masterpiece.

paper spider web

Final result: here is the result once the unfolding is finished. You now know how to make a paper spider web, make plenty to decorate your home!

make a paper spider web

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