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Paper Snowman Snowflake

Today I suggest you make a paper snowflake like a snowman. It requires a bit of technique but it’s really pretty, isn’t it?

Interest: development of fine motor skills
Material: a sheet of A4 paper, scissors, fine black pencil and felt pens.
Age range: from 9 years old

How to make a snowman paper snowflake

Step 1: take your sheet of A4 paper and fold one of the edges as shown below. Then cut, using your scissors, the excess paper that is outside the fold.

how to make a paper snowflake

Step 2: mark the diagonals and perpendiculars of the square.

paper folding

Step 3: Fold the square in half.

fold paper

Step 4: Fold in half again.

snowflake paper folding

Step 5: and fold one last in half to make a triangle.

paper triangle

Step 6: draw half of a snowman (2 times), as below.

Step 7: cut out the outlines of the two snowmen.

Step 8: Carefully unfold your resulting paper snowflake.

paper snowflake

Step 9: Use a thin black pencil to draw the details on the snowmen. You can copy the image below or imagine your own, it’s up to you!

snowman style paper snowflake

Step 10: Grab your markers to add color!

make a paper snowflake

Step 11: Your paper snowman snowflake is complete. Place it in the tree or hang it on the wall to decorate your home for Christmas!

paper snowflake snowman

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