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Christmas Diy With Toilet Paper Rolls: Santa Claus in the Fireplace

Today I’m showing you a Christmas DIY with toilet paper rolls. It is a relatively easy manual activity that you can offer to children from 6 years old.

Interest: development of fine motor skills
Materials: paper, ruler, scissors, black marker, a roll of toilet paper, and glue.
Age range: from 6 years old

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Step 1: Start by cutting out a sheet of dark red paper that completely covers the toilet paper roll (just use your roll to define its size). Then take a sheet of lighter red paper and cut out two legs and a hood as shown. Also, cut out two small ovals and a string for the hood in the white paper. Stick the white string on Santa’s hood!

diy christmas

Step 2: Draw parallel lines with a black marker and a ruler on the piece of red paper that will cover the entire roll of toilet paper.

christmas craft

Step 3: Now draw a few vertical lines with a ruler between the lines, as shown below. This will make your sheet look like a red brick wall.

DIY Christmas toilet paper roll

Step 4: Stick the “brick wall” on the toilet paper roll.

christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls

Step 5: Tuck (and glue) the excess paper inside the roll.

diy santa claus roll toilet paper

Step 6: Use the black marker to color the shoes.

diy christmas roll

Step 7: Glue the small white ovals you cut out above the shoes and then glue the legs inside the toilet paper roll.

christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls

Step 8: glue the hood on the front! It’s over!

DIY Christmas toilet paper rolls

This Christmas DIY with toilet paper rolls can be modified to create a Santa Claus head sticking out of the chimney, as you can see above. Do not hesitate to create several to decorate the shelves of your house at Christmas!

You can also change the colors and create a Grinch, as below:

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