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Lollipop “butterfly of Love”

If you want to please your loved ones, why not create love butterfly lollipops?! This is an easy activity to do with kids ages 5 and up!

Interest: development of fine motor skills
Materials: thick red paper (80 mg), thick pink paper (80 mg), two small wiggly eyes, a red pipe cleaner, a lollipop, glue, and scissors.
Age range: from 5-6 years old

How to make a love butterfly lollipop: tutorial

Step 1: Glue the two small wiggly eyes on the head of the lollipop.

diy lollipop

Step 2: Cut out two small hearts from the red paper.

heart carving

Step 3: cut two smaller hearts from the pink paper.

paper pink heart

Step 4: glue the pink hearts on the red hearts.

paper heart

Step 5: Glue the two hearts together on the bottom ends. It should look like an insect wing.

diy love butterfly

Step 6: Glue the wings of the love butterfly. This may be on the part near the intersection of the stick and the head of the pacifier.

butterfly lollipop

Step 7: Cut the pipe cleaner in half.

diy pipe cleaner

Step 8: Fold the pipe cleaner in two equal parts then make some curves using your fingers. Get creative with the curves you make. These will be the butterfly’s antennae.

folding pipe cleaner

Step 9: Glue the antennae on top of the head, just above the eyes.

diy butterfly lollipop

Step 10: finally finished! Now you can gift your adorable love butterfly lollipop to your friends or loved ones!

diy love butterfly

Love butterfly lollipops can also be served at children’s parties, kids will love them! They can also be given as a gift for Valentine’s Day. Just be sure to bundle it up for a cuter appearance. You can also adjust the patterns on the wings and antennae to give the love butterflies multiple looks. Why not try creating your style?! It will be a fun activity for sure. Change colors and shapes!

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